Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Contortionist

Ever wonder why these are called the Blue Ridge Mountains?
I-77 tolls charged me a total of $7.50 to traverse their highway.
I guess you can put a price on beauty.

I met the most interesting fellow with the strangest tale about a faraway place named Oz.

While I was waiting for my odometer to turn over to matching numbers...

Harley was entertaining me with his contortionist tricks.
Suddenly we were on a 6% grade downhill and I had to focus all my attention on driving as it was quite windy. Then there were two cars that got into a road rage mess that I feared would cause me to wreck so I was slowing way down to get ready for whatever these fools might do next when...

I looked down and realized I had MISSED taking a picture of the identical numbers.

I was taking the downhill grade at 57 miles per hour while everyone else just flew past me.

I am proud to be a BIG WIMP.

Arrive alive.

It's more fun that way.


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  1. I like that -- Arrive Alive. Sorry you missed out on your photo op.

    You know Ms.Mermaid, sometimes I have to study Harley a while when he is being a "contortionist" to figure out which end is which.

    I hope your old buddies aren't in the path of Hurricane Matthew.


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