Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Dog, A Bike and a Sewer Hose

Oh the thrills of camping...

The dump station.

For you non-Rvers, going to the dump station is where we empty out our black tank (toilet stuff) and the gray tank (used washing water).

I parked the RV then got out and hooked up the sewer hose. Harley dog came out of the RV dragging his short leash walking over to the sewer hose. I said "Sit, stay."

Leaving Harley, I went  inside the RV to round up the garbage since the dumpster was close by. It took a few minutes while I fetched the bathroom garbage and combined it with the kitchen garbage, tying up the bag and so on.

When I came back out of the wheel estate, Harley was sitting by the gurgling sewer hose, enthusiastically wagging his tail and staring at the folks that had pulled up behind us in their camper.

As I carried the garbage past their RV to head for the dumpster,  I said over my shoulder "Harley rinse the sewer hose before you put it away."

Coming back from the dumpster the man in the waiting RV said "How'd you train your dog to dump the tanks?"

I said "Well, he learned from watching me do it all the time and he works for treats."

They laughed.

His wife said. "Isn't that the same doggy I've seen riding a bicycle?"

Funny how no one sees me riding the bicycle, it's always the goofy dog in the my front basket they notice. 

"Why yes it is." I answered.

Her husband now genuinely serious said "What? That little mutt can ride a bicycle too?"

"Oh yes he loves it!" I replied as I opened the door to climb into  the driver's seat of my rig.

I heard the man say to his wife "I wonder where she found a bicycle small enough for him to pedal?"

Harley finished storing the sewer hose and was ready to leave. I handed him his treat.

His bark's worse than his bike!

Speaking of dogs riding bikes...

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