Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Governor Cancels My Reservations in S.C.

Ut Oh...

Yesterday I drove a mind boggling record 240 miles from Pipestem, West Virginia to Rock Hill, South Carolina enroute to my reservations which begin Friday 70 miles from the coast (Colleton State Park) then continue on Sunday to a spot about 400 feet from the coast, running through the end of October. I was looking forward to zero gas purchases, daily bike riding and soulful communing on the unspoilt sea shores of Hunting Island State Park.

Late in the afternoon I received a prerecorded message (with several mispronunciations) that the governor of South Carolina was seeking to evacuate 1.1 million people from the coast of South Carolina which included 100 miles inland. Both my reservations had been canceled.

I suppose eventually they will refund my monies, but for now, I am frantically searching for a campground with availability that doesn't include traveling any of the evacuation routes.

Many of the interstates and main highways from the coast have revered traffic so it's all one way. Not sure how this will work when it's time to exit, since exits are built for traffic going the other way. Imagine trying to make a 359 degree turn off the interstate in your RV to accommodate the "backwards" exit ramp.

For what it's worth, I filled up my gas tank twice yesterday so I would arrive with a nearly full tank. Matter of fact, out of 55 gallons, I have 54 gallons left.

The park I am camped in now, had a spot available for me through Thursday night.

Maybe the above forecast is wrong. I searched for a better one.


  1. These are on the west side of Columbia but might do in a pinch. I've stayed at Mr. Z's; it's in the guys huge back yard. Nice enough.

  2. I started to send you a message yesterday that 1.1 million people were being evacuated from the SC coast, but figured you had heard or seen it earlier. I noticed Jan from St. Thomas sent you a warning.

    Hope you get headed west and find a place to perch. It never occurred to me that the park campground reservations would be cancelled but you said a lot of them were in flood plains.

    You and Harley take good care of yourselves.

  3. I would never have thought of the difficulties exiting from an interstate in the wrong direction. Bad enough for a car, but an RV would be a nightmare!

  4. hi, It's jan please don't stay on coast. It' s going to be very bad on fri coming to coast up there also . Just get into center of GA. And park somewere safe. don't use all your gas as most stations are out of it. brevard is going to be a mess after storm they think it will be a cat 4 there and all the way up the Fl. Coast , GA. SC. and NC. See if you can get the app. it's great for the updates, they are out of orlando. Hope you will let us know you are safe. janice hill Lady Lake.

  5. If you are able to get out, please let us know how you are.

  6. I got caught in a contra flow from a hurricane one time and I'll tell you how the exits work. They don't work. The police block all the exits and they won' let you off the interstate. When you get to where it ends they remove some of those big concrete block things and funnel the traffic on the wrong side of the interstate back into the right lane. Then you can use the correct exits.


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