Saturday, October 15, 2016

Taking Refuge

Coming full circle...

I am back in Lake Greenwood. It's a lovely place with fabulous vibes.

However, a revisit is with bittersweet memories.

Awhile back I traveled to Greenwood to see two close friends, both of them talented professional musicians. One I dated for years and the other one, nicknamed Wag, I used to share a lovely home with before he married somebody else.

I could tell something didn't seem right with him. He looked old and gaunt rather than full of life yet his music was spot on. I was glad to see him but worried it would be my last time.

Then last time I was here at the lake, my brother came down to visit me twice. On his 2nd visit, after he left, I cried inconsolably.

I had this sinking feeling I would not see him again. It was a horrifying thought. We stayed in touch by phone.

Most unfortunately he passed away before I could see him again.

Then my musician friend...
A few months later, discovering he had cancer, the pain overwhelmed him. He decided to exit this world to escape the indignities of pain and medical torture. He told me 30 years ago he would do this if push came to shove. His best friend notified me of his passing and the circumstances.

So it's with joy that I knew these two fabulous souls and with sadness I mourn their passing.

Rest in peace. I think of you every day as I gaze at the lake pondering your life on earth and beyond.

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  1. You are getting closer and closer to Lake Lanier and Old Federal Campground COE). It's a lovely place, though busy on weekends. Spaces are spread apart, however.


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