Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hurricane Madness

Who goes out during a hurricane to steal knives and bongs?

Woman arrested for stealing knives and bongs from Myrtle Beach store during hurricane Matthew

I burst out laughing at the headline. Many folks drink and smoke heavily during a hurricane, smoking both weed and/or tobacco.

Perhaps she needed a knife to chop up her ganja to fit in the bong. Since knives and bongs can both come in a plethora of sizes and styles,  why not sample a variety of each?

Even in her mugshot she looks perturbed like "Dude, you seriously wrecked my high."

Curious minds want to know...

Was she drunk during this ill-fated choice of  thievery?

Is there a wacky tobaccy dealer who is also perturbed because she robbed him first?

Bong: Typically smaller than a hookah, a bong is a water pipe generally used for smoking herbs and tobacco. Origin is from the Thai word Buang. In the Far East and many African countries, bongs have been used for centuries.

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