Monday, October 03, 2016

Notes From Cuba

With hurricane Matthew bearing down on Cuba, one wonders how they will fare and if the subsequent news we might hear resembles anything close to the truth or not.

A note from Cuba:
I live in the central/western(occidental) part of Cuba on the north coast.  Announcements and preparation are well in progress.  'Have to wait and see what happens with hurricane Matthew.  But whatever - it won't be good.  So far it seems it will pass well to the east of us. at least the worst of it. 


Another note, different correspondent:
The Upside...
Community taxis cost only $.60 to cross Havana.

The Downside...
The most important skill learned after a week is how to close the door of a smoke-filled 6-rider Soviet-made taxi without the handle falling off.

And now for some bad jokes:

Why doesn't Cuba have an Olympic Swim Team?

All the good swimmers left.

Cubans are thinking of changing their national anthem from "Grow, grow, grow your beard" to "Row, row, row your boat!"

I heard Fidel Castro was rushed to the hospital with an emergency health problem... in the back of a 1955 Dodge Ambulance.

And to my Cuban friends, please forgive me, it's all in fun!


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  1. Please stay 150 miles away from the coast in any state .storm is going to be bad,flooding also . East cost of fl. Could get hit bad. Hope you are getting news and weather .please stay safe!! Jan from st.thomas


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