Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Giddy Yup

Wide awake.

Not feeling so hot, caught somebody's cold. *SNIFFLE COUGH COUGH*

Fiery hot, then icy cold.

Oh joy.

Yesterday doggy and I walked out the garbage again. It's all uphill but less than a mile. If we don't walk it out everyday, then it becomes too much. Not sure how we make so much garbage, but I think most products are over-packaged.

We found a nature trail that wasn't being used except by nature, so I accidentally *ahem* dropped Harley's dog leash. He raced up and down the trail taking side tours then racing back to me in his enthusiasm at his brief freedom to run like the wind.

We came to a long section that was a man-made boardwalk covered lightly in fall leaves. Harley loved the sound of his paws galloping up and down the wooden walk, so he raced back and forth with that goofy grin on his face letting his paws rat-a-tat-tat on the wood. He did indeed sound like a race horse galloping along.

I was playing the treat game with him, trying to teach (once again for the sixteenth thousandth time) to come when called. I would call, he would come, I would dish out a treat. He would pause long enough to eat it, then dash away again.

When I spied two women way down the trail, I called him to come, so I could leash him back up but he ignored me completely to go run be with his new friends.

They saw him dragging his leash, so they picked it up and walked him back to me.

He still expected a treat.

Good grief.

They were laughing at him. If anything, he makes people laugh! He is so goofy with this wild enthusiasm in everything he does.

We can all learn a lot from a 6 pound dog.

Energy plus enthusiasm in simple goofy pursuits equals laughter.

When we came home, there was a grocery bag, just like the ones we use for garbage, sitting at my door.

Now I was confused.

Did we forget the garbage?


Was I becoming that forgetful?

I was pretty sure we had carried the bag with us. Did someone else want us to carry out their garbage too?

I peeked inside. It was pears.

No note. No idea.

Just a sack of pears.

Mystery pears peering back at us.

Life is goof.

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  1. What a perfect day! Enjoy the pears, maybe they will be just what you need.


Life is goof!