Saturday, October 08, 2016

Eternal Optimism

This picture is a reminder of how I live my life.
Eternal optimism!
Out of cracked tarmac blooms flowers with true gusto.
If anyone told the flowers they couldn't grow there, they surely believed otherwise.
Oh YES I can!

I am at one of the higher spots in the tiny campground. The fishing lake is slowly rising. My site is tight with an inclined paved pad. I had to put thick heavy boards under the rear right tires to level up the fridge.

My nose is a bit down on the right side front. I figure this is OK as it speeds up roof drainage so it can't leak through the cranked up TV antenna. This is sometimes a problem in heavy rains.

My neighbors needed a spot to park an extra car because these sites are tiny. I let them park in front of me. My site is a pull-thru.

There are some tenters set up for camping, but one site seems abandoned with equipment still in place. Another one has the folks living inside their car, which can't be much fun.

Doggy is sitting here cross legged refusing to go out in the cold rains. However, we apparently are hot heavy breathers, because I had to turn the AC on low to equalize the temperature.

It was getting stuffy inside, so I am also running the stove exhaust to force some fresh air around.

I am the LUCKIEST person in the world, because I woke up alive and I am more or less safe.

I am not a TV person, but I caved in, cranked up the antenna then searched for channels. According to the TV weather reports I am in a flash flood zone area. I want to hike out and get a better view of the little fishing lake.

Maybe I will ask Santa Claus to bring me a compact weather radio. This one looks efficient and compact, the Midland HH54VP Portable Emergency Weather Radio with SAME (Black). My RV is seriously space challenged so I have to be super careful about the size of any new or additional equipment I decide on.

In the Caribbean I could never get my hands on a weather radio, so I had forgotten they even exist! For so many of those years I lived afloat with VHF radio that gave us hourly weather plus weather alerts on emergencies.

I was hoping to find a simple wall mountable weather radio, but so far no luck. My table area is severely compromised, already too much stuff on it.

Tiny home living always had so many unique considerations.


  1. They say this radio will wall mount, but I'm not sure how good it works.

    I googled "wall mounting for weather radio"

  2. Hmm ... you feel like you're growing out of a crack in a parking lot?
    While wildflowers have glamor, you deserve to elevate your self-image because you are much greater and more important than such a plant!

  3. So good to hear that you are safe! Is it still raining up there? Lets think about what you might need if you got stuck in a river of water and had to leave the truck. Harley would need a little life vest. You could use a vest like the airlplanes have drop down when they land in water. You strap them on and pull a tab to inflate. They are very small and compact untill you inflate. Also need a water proof bag to keep that Small weather radio ,your phone, flashlight and maybe snack for you both . And don' forget a whistle . Now you might beable to save youself if you got stuck in rising water. You must think i'm crazy. I just saw a lady and baby get rescued from a car stuck in high water. In SC. People are getting out of high water riding their bikes w water up to the seats. We always had a plan in St. Thomas. In one storm to get out of the house in the rain & wind & mud we all held on to a long rope to stay together. I loved your book Hurricanes & Hangovers , are you writting one about your travels on land? Stay safe! J Hill


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