Thursday, October 13, 2016

Crummy Life

Flying J is notorious for being RV friendly. Typically they are open 24/7 with a separate areas for the commercial trucks, cars and RVs. Many have extra long parking spots specifically for RV's. Most all have a generous store which carries useful items for the traveler.

Their food selection has expanded considerably to include many healthy foods, like bananas, salads, peeled boiled eggs, fresh chopped fruit cups and real juices. In addition they also have hot foods ready to go fresh from their kitchen.

Recently while buying gas at Flying J, I made the mistake of touring their store. I ended up with fruit cups, bananas, peeled hard boiled eggs and then on a whim I couldn't resist the aromatic sausage biscuits.

After walking Harley around the Flying J grassy areas,  I decided to get back on the road and eat later.

Ten minutes later, all I could think about was the sausage biscuit, which was sitting dangerously close by in a bag. I was on the interstate which wasn't that busy so I figured I could carefully consume a biscuit while driving.

I am living proof that their sausage biscuits are top notch apparently made with real homemade biscuits. Even Harley insisted on sampling some and he found it exceeded his expectations.

Afterwards, I got a giggle at my sweater!

Biscuit crumbs were not only stuck in the steering wheel between the memory foam cover and the wheel but up and down my turquoise sweater.

My gosh, I am a fright!

Mama always said; "Brush after every meal!" I think she meant teeth, not clothes, but in this case... I need to brush my clothes.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but to my right, that brown blur is Harley hoover-hounding the floor for errant crumbs. He wanted to climb right up my sweater and clean me up, but since I was driving, I wouldn't allow it.

After this picture, I tried to brush the crumbs over towards Harley and he dutifully sucked them up for me. What a great puppy dog!

We lead such a crumb-be life...


  1. Just in case you haven't found your weather radio yet, a Cat 4 hurricane Nicole has struck Bermuda. Just a heads up. Sounds like she is losing steam:

    Stay safe and keep enjoying those sausage biscuits. Yum!

    I really enjoy Harley. He makes me laugh.

  2. A good dog will do anything to help you get stray bits of food and crumbs up. I always have crumbs stuck to the front of my shirt, no matter how hard I try to catch them on the way down!


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