Saturday, October 01, 2016

Oh The Places You'll Go

The first map runs south to north, from January 2016 through July 2016. The black titles are everywhere I camped.
The red numbers are the number of nights.

This map runs south to north.
While camped at H Cooper Black, my friends called to announce their sudden wedding and subsequent reception to be held in Southfield, Michigan.
I received an elegant invitation to the lavish reception as the wedding went off so fast it only had 2 attendees.
I told them I  was on sailor time  but making way to come celebrate.
I departed July 24th from H Cooper Black and arrived at their home September 3rd.
It only took me 41 days to make the trip through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and finally Michigan.
I was impressed at my incredible speed!

September 21st, I began making my way north to south again.


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  1. R & N say .... cool journeys ... fun friends ... lots of love! See you next time through!


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