Friday, October 07, 2016

Waiting Out Hurricane Matthew

1am, Friday, October 7, 2016
The National Hurricane center went down!

The National Hurricane Center released an advisory right on time late Thursday as Hurricane Matthew nears the Florida coast. Soon after the 11 p.m. alert, the National Hurricane Center’s website went down.The National Weather Service said in a statement early Friday that there was a technical issue at the WOC. It’s unclear how long the website is going to be down.

All is quiet in Rock Hill, South Carolina on Lake Wylie.

Rumor is rains would hit at 2am.

I have to do the campground shuffle tomorrow. Since my reservations on the coast are canceled, I've been scrambling to find a place to camp inland along with thousands of other evacuees. Also, folks who were headed to Florida and coastal areas of both Georgia and South Carolina in their RV's, some for the entire winter, are suddenly stopped in their tracks searching for alternate reservations.

I heard that Charlotte, North Carolina had already sold out of hotel rooms, a nice boom for their economy.

Going to a hotel with an RV is out of the question since many surcharge heavily for a pet. Besides I am most comfy in my RV, but bricking up at this late date is out of the question as is boarding it up, which would drive me batty anyhow.

I think I am far enough inland to be safe.

Sorta... Shudda... Cudda... Wudda...

Tuesday when I left Pipestem, West Virginia, I was hesitant for some strange reason but couldn't really fathom any bad omens, so I left anyhow. Had I waited one more day, then I would have surely just stayed put and not ventured across West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and into South Carolina.

Oh well.

I am stocked up with water, gas, propane and an eclectic food assortment. I was too tired to grocery shop, but while buying gas at Flying J Truck Stop, I did top up with some fun goodies at their store which does carry a unique assortment of foods. I bought some bananas, a cantaloupe fruit cup, another cup of boiled eggs, some dark chocolate and  sausage biscuits that were super delicious.

Just ask Harley, he helped me eat them.

Another day in paradise. 


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  1. I bet parking lots at large box stores, schools would allow folks to park there that are escapeing from the hurricane Stay safe


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