Monday, October 24, 2016

Everything's Better in Metter!


Not sure how traveling and moving manages to wear me out, but it does.  This was a wild and crazy trip too as I did a few goofy things unintentionally. More on that later.

At the time I moved from the Caribbean in late 2009, I had spent half my life there.

The weather did not have 40F degree mood swings in 24 hours!

Now that I am residing around parts of America, I still have a lot of trouble coping with that, probably because I prefer fresh air and being outside or if inside, all the windows open. I guess if I lived hermetically sealed, with perfect indoor climate controlled comfort, I wouldn't have this problem.

But I live with a strange spirit that draws me outdoors or if indoors, I want all the shades up and lots of natural light pouring into my life.

I get cold easy. You can take the girl out of the islands, but you can't get the island out of the girl or something crazy like that. I am tired, so I am going to sign up soon.

It's not as bad as when I first came back to America and 65F degrees could send my teeth chattering while I found a mountain of clothes and a heavy blanket to hide under under out of extreme cold, but still...

84F today and going down to 44F tonight.

From running around foot nude by day to bundling up under the covers with an electric mattress warmer by night. When my old mattress warmer broke, I spent several nights curled up in a tight ball under layers of covers trying to stay warm. I bought a replacement, I just couldn't get used to the cold.

My French friend refers to going barefoot as foot nude.

Life is goof.

Currently I have taken refuge at a private camp near Twin City which is near Metter Georgia.

Their town logo is "Everything's Better in Metter!"

Not to be outdone, Twin City's logo is "Twice as friendly, Twice as nice!"

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