Saturday, October 22, 2016

On The Road Again

On the road again...

Post hurricane Matthew has sent me scrambling to find camp sites. It's been a busy year for me. January found me in Florida then spring I was in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Summer sent me to Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. Fall brought me back through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina then South Carolina. Now I am off to Georgia if all goes well. Florida is the next step for winter *fingers crossed*.

For 8 glorious days, I have been riding my bicycle up and down hills. Daily Harley and I ride out to this unused picnic peninsula on Lake Greenwood in South Carolina. Harley has loved being off leash running wild and free. He ran right out of the picture!

Harley was messing about the lake's edge where the rip rap rocks are piled up to protect the peninsula. He tangled up his "dragging leash". I made him pose for a picture before I untangled him, hence the pleading look on his face.

I let him drag his short leash around so he complies with the park rules that doggies must be leashed.

One day a couple and their grown kids visiting from Chicago were at a picnic table. I took Harley far away riding on the bicycle before I let him loose. I was hoping he didn't see the people.

He ran around playing for about 20 minutes then suddenly took off full speed ahead to insert himself at their picnic.

Good grief. I was speed walking and calling him, but he was busy hoover hounding underneath their table checking for crumbs. Luckily they were laughing at his silly antics, as he begged for mercy as if I was going to punish him. He knew he was being bad, but he also couldn't contain his gleeful attitude at breaking the rules. Once again. *SIGH*.


  1. What a puppy! Hope the two of you find a good spot in Florida for the winter.

  2. Safe travels and I hope you make it to FL.

  3. Harley is the "master communicator." That look is priceless.

  4. I am still aiming towards Florida, just not there yet. Hurricane Matthew sent me on a detour.


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