Friday, October 21, 2016

Heat and Humor

Zoning Improvement Plan.

You have one and use multiple ones throughout your life. You carry it around in your wallet. As a child, I was taught in school how important this newfangled zoning improvement plan was and that we should strive to memorize ours and refer to it often.

I am camping in Ninety Six, South Carolina. Nine glorious days. I so needed a rest. Thanks to hurricane Matthew, six weeks of my prepaid reservations were cancelled because the parks I had reserved are now closed. One is so damaged, it's not scheduled to reopen until 2017. As a result I've had to scramble around looking for camps to go to. Mostly I've had to move every few days. I had just finished a lengthy trip to and from Michigan where I was moving every few days plus breaking down and detouring for repairs.

Just for fun.

Oh well. My RV is from 1994. Small wonder things break no matter how well I strive to take good care of it. I just wish my budget had not suffered so many emergencies. I am rethinking my winter reservations to try to find something more economical.

Somebody in the early sixties in the US Post office had a sense of humor. The zip code for Ninety Six, South Carolina is 29666.

By the way, Zoning Improvement Plan is what we now refer to as a ZIP code.

October 20th, 2016,  our weather was so hot here it broke the 1899 record high for this date.


Life is goof.

Ninety Six has a colorful history dating back to early colonial times when a settlement began at the 96th milepost from Keowee Indian village on a trail used by traders with the Indians. A small store run by Robert Goudy supplied traders with such items as rum, sugar, gunpowder, is on record as existing as early as 1730. Most likely, Ninety Six received its name when Indian maiden Issaqueena (Cateechee), rode her horse ninety six miles from Keowee, the capital of the Cherokee nation to the outpost to warn of impending war by the Indian natives.

Lake Greenwoood Reservoir where I am camping on the shores is the confluence of 3 rivers held back by a hydroelectric dam built around 1930. This state park like many in South Carolina was developed and built by the wonderful CCC.

Mystery pears.

I have no idea who left me a sack of pears on my doorstep while I was out walking the dog when camping recently at Andrew Jackson State Park near Lancaster, South Carolina. While they are heavily spotted, once peeled, they are near perfect and quite delicious. Every day I gently poke them to peel the ripest one next.

I still wonder how they ended up on my doorstep.

Last year I bought this wonderful gadget that slices apples and pears into 16 thin slices. Perfect for eating as well as recipes such as pies and salad. The blades are super sharp.
Prepworks by Progressive Thin Apple Slicer and Corer Click here for info
Prepworks by Progressive Thin Apple Slicer and Corer
Click here for info

Last winter friends who managed to pop by unannounced at my winter camp site while I was gone bike riding, left me a sack of lemons they grew that were so big they resembled oranges. But at least I knew who gave them to me so I could thank them.

To whoever gave me the pears, THANK YOU, they are delicious!

Last Sunday, I had surprise company. They showed up with a sack of charcoal plus steaks and ribs for the grill. They brought their big goofy Labrador who Harley has known for a few years but had not seen in 2 years or so. Funny how doggies never forget.

A few days later, another friend drove 60 miles to visit, bringing his dog plus another one he was dog sitting. Harley was thrilled to have even more canines come for a visit.

Too funny!

However, Harley dog entertains his company outside. He will not allow another dog inside his rolling dog house. Except years ago he had a cute little girlfriend. We took the RV out on a day trip and he was actually delighted to have her along for the ride. Yet he's never allowed another pooch to cross his doorway.

Sadly his girlfriend took off traveling in opposite directions so we have not seen her in years.

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  1. I don't blame you for peeling the pears even though the skins are nutritious. Here is a link describing the health benefits.


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