Friday, October 07, 2016

Hiding From Hurricane Matthew

Rains didn't come until early morning at daybreak. I got soaking wet partially while unhooking my umbilical cords.

Hurricane Matthew dominates the south eastern United States with his little sister Nicole to the east.

It's a travesty that the National Hurricane Center's website is down again!  Maybe everyone went home to board up and no one is there to run the show.

I moved to Andrew Jackson State Park. I was checking their reservations (and others) hourly throughout the night. Finally a spot opened up through someone's cancellation, so I snapped it up. Only 2 days, but more sites may open up for me to stay longer.

I am tired.

I did go to the store for provisions. Usually I stick to cheap healthy foods I can cook. But I am dead tired. So I got some mostly healthy foods that are easy to prepare such as fresh fruit and sandwich supplies. I already have soups, beans, rice, pasta. Plus I made a mountain of dried beans in Pipestem. In spite of giving some away I think they swell up overnight. The more I eat the more they expand.

In July I was sad to give away my beloved rain proof trench coat. It was stunningly beautiful, actually suitable for male or female but in all fairness the sleeves were too long for me. I gave it to a super lady who had the perfect arms to fit it. She looked terrific in it, recognized the designer label and was thrilled I didn't have room to keep it any longer in my storage starved RV.

Then about a week or so ago, a friend gave me a brand new light weight beautiful rain jacket with hood. It keeps my head and torso super dry. WOW!

I have used it a lot lately because the rains just keep coming. My poor doggy doesn't like to do his duty in the rains and he refuses to do it indoors (thank goodness!)

Every time the rains slack off, I drag him outside and he drags me back inside. I towel him off, fluff up his fur and we wait it out a while longer.


I never buy cookies. But today I wanted cookies so I bought the top of the line Pepperidge Farm Double Dark Chocolate Cookies. I ate two of them and they are DIVINE. Only 8 to a package so I must carefully ration them.

I also accidentally went into a liquor store. I bought a bottle in case there was a bad accident and I needed to sterilize a wound or kill the pain. I stored it with the First Aid Kit for Medicinal purposes.

Life is goof.

At the store, I put all the non refrigerated items in front then put one of those sticks to separate orders in back, then unloaded the refrigerated items. The cashier asked me about this, and I explained I wanted the refrigerated stuff bagged separately.

When I was unloading at the RV, I couldn't find my refrigerated item bags. I was about to panic. Then I realized he did bag my refrigerated items separately. He put ONE in every bag with the dry goods.

Is that the best the grocery store can hire to bag groceries? Someone who has never ever once shopped for food nor understands WHY some fool like me would want the refrigerated items all together?

Life is strange.

Who raises these people?

I am all for bringing back the house parent, whether it's a housewife or househusband. Cut the lavish lifestyle and have an interested adult at home to enhance family life and teach the children.

Okey dokey, enough of my ranting... more weird stuff happened today that just left me scracthing my head in wonder.

I call these run ins with strange folk "generation DUH".


  1. I teach business communication part-time to college juniors. Several years ago I told my class to double space their papers. One hard-working student complied by putting two spaces between each word of her three-page paper!! Judy (grandmajjb)

  2. We live in "interesting" times.

    I remember a gentler, slower time and miss it. I think the evacuation is wearing you out more than the storm.

  3. Looks like your in the storm edge as i was in lady lake. We had rain and a lot of wind, but it was very bad on the coast .the northern coast of florida got hit very bad, high tide and lots of.rain made it worse. It was a cat 4 and then a three up north ,now only a 2 but covering a lot of area .lots of rain up by you, get away from the rivers. 11 pm advisory 70 ml sse of.savannah ga. 105mpr cat 2 105 mpr pressure948 movingn 12 mph. 1:30am. Charlston. Area. They think its going to come off the coast and circle back down to south east. Warnings up to surf city nc. Eye wall may come ashore around charleston .do you have any way to get updates like a weather radio they sell them here in fl. drug stores .please let us know how your doing. J hill


Life is goof!