Sunday, August 23, 2009


When I served in Nam in the 60'S a lot of my friends were killed in action and we lived by a creed that said, "Live every day to it's fullest, enjoy the sights and sounds of this wonderful world and make sure that thise close to you are always around, if only in spirit"
~~~Patrick Porter

843am Sunday and ALIVE and almost well!

My head aches. Sometimes where i was hit over the head, it suddenly aches for no reason at all, just to irritate me I guess. My arm has phantom pains from the needles. I didn't think that was possible! But everywhere they stuck me on my left arm comes back to haunt me now and then and it feels like I am being stuck all over again or the vampire is poking me and sucking out more blood.

I tossed one of the ppurchased drugs already, number three tossed out now.

The first two were outrageously expensive designer drugs. the kind they advertise on TV all day long. One was for allergies and the other for high cholesterol, neither of which I have, so I failed to purchase them.

Now how did this world end side down? You can't advertise liquor or cigs, but you can advertise dangerous drugs? And an innocent herb, well known for its healing qualities (marijuana) can land you in prison! Is this a world gone mad?

The drug I tossed is to remove excess water. The same thing apple cider vinegar does. I should have had my vinegar in the hospital. Maybe they wouldn't have gave me the dangerous water drug. i say dangerous becasue the side effects, read that THE EFFECTS included many unpleasantries such as blurry vision, constipation, vertigo and dizziness. The chronic constipation was causing hemorrhoids and bleeding, so I was just miserable all around.

I just bought 3 pairs of prescription eyeglasses before I went to the hospital, so I was pretty dismayed to have blurry vision now and the glasses weren't helping. I bought a polarized sunglass pair, a clear pair (the accountant look) and readers for threading needles and reading teeny tiny print on drug bottles, boxes and inserts.

I went out and bought Apple Cider Vinegar, drank a bunch with my liquids and like magic, I lost a lot of water weight and swelling. No side effects, matter of fact, apple cider vinegar has many positive effects. I prefer the organic Braggs brand of apple cider vinegar, (they include the mother, which makes it look cloudy, but you shake it up and it's good for you) but being that I am on a super cheap budget (no medical insurance) I bought the White House Apple Cider Vinegar which was fairly cheap and promises to be all natural, even though it doesn't have the mother in it. Besides, Braggs sells in town 45 minutes away and the other brand sells less than two miles away. I've tried the Shur Fine Apple cider vinegar, but WHEW is that tangy and can make your cheeks really pucker up (at both ends!)

I'm still battling the thrush on my tongue with liquid meds and the staph infection on my left arm from the needle mis-use. But both seem to be slowly but surely healing.

Now I have probably bored you to tears or if you had insomnia, I just cured it!

Like a cat, I still sleep a lot, trying to will my body to heal itself. When I am in pain, which is often, I think about this cold clear river in the mountains. My mother used to say you could sit int he river and it would cool you down for the whole summer. So I think about it and immerse my whole body into that icy cold river and it deadens all the pain. But it also tends to put me to sleep.

I am tired now, nite nite!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Earthquake Activity Ramps Up at Puerto Rico Subduction Zone

Earth Changes Media Newsletter
With Mitch Battros
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Earthquake Activity Ramps Up at Puerto Rico Subduction Zone
Mitch Battros Research of the Sun - Earth Connection and 2012
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August 15, 2009
Earthquake Activity Ramps Up
at Puerto Rico Subduction Zone

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

A significant escalation is occurring at the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone. A swarm of quakes continue with close to one hundred quakes in just the last three days. What is most alarming is the increase in magnitudes. When a swarm starts to hit a series of high 3's and into 4's magnitude, it trips a geological/seismological switch often elevating an 'observation' into a 'watch'. (see EQ link below)

If the earthquake swarm maintains magnitude 4's, it is likely that a "warning" will be issued. In what might be considered a 'unique' situation, it would be rare to call for evacuation of an area based on earthquake foreshocks. However, with current technology and a better understanding of earthquake patterns, I would not be surprised if Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands are put on alert.

What is being outlined above very much resembles the procedures of volcanic escalation which uses color codes and levels describing each position of elevation. If this occurs, it will be the first time measuring seismic escalation was used to foretell a large/mega earthquake event.

Volcanic Color Codes/Levels:

It is not typical to witness an earthquake 'swarm' with high-moderate magnitude events. They are usually in the magnitude 1, 2, 3 range. Take a look below at what is happening right now on the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone. I will present two links. The World EQ's - Past 7 days and the Puerto Rico Region.

1) World Earthquakes Last 7 Days:

2) Puerto Rico Region:

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Just as the Sun's solar activity affects the Earth's magnetic field which has a dramatic affect on Earth's "weather" i.e. earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes; so does this wave of electrical currents affect the human body's magnetic field. Mitch also reveals a little-known development from modern medicine known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS provides empirical evidence of how magnetic fields can influence human emotions.
Solar Cycle 24 has begun - and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its 'record breaking' predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its 'apex' (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.
"I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as "the transition" bringing us to a new state-of-being". (Mitch Battros)

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Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes Media
Author: 'Solar Rain - The Earth Changes Have Begun' and
'Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise'

1105am Saturday and grumpy

Yesterday was rough on me. I swelled up like a balloon. I went out to haul the garbage and go take pics of the surfers on the north shore. I felt like I had been run over by a train and left out in the desert to shrivel up and die. I felt so terribly weak.

I stopped at the store for juice and forgot the much needed Apple Cider Vinegar. Grrrrrrr...

I came home and was far too weak to take a much needed cold shower. I drank some bush tea then I collapsed in the bed and woke up to darkness and no elec-tricky. The heat and humidity just seemed so unbearable. My phone rang. It was after midnight. Someone long distance checking on me. I explained my dilemma then got off the phone.

I moved the generator outside but the effort required a five minute rest. Next, I pulled three times with all my might on the starter then realized it was empty of gas. I tried to pour gas from the jug into the measuring cup and from there into the generator. I kept spilling it. My eyes are blurry from the excessive meds I am on.

I wanted to cry but was too dehydrated. So i did my breathing exercises.

Then I laid out the 100 foot electric cord by flashlight. I went back outside to try to start the generator. I took a deep breath.

The elec-tricky came back on.

I put the generator back inside, along with the gas can and gas measuring cup.

In the bathroom I tried to undress but my clothing was firmly glued to me. When I finally freed myself, I could wring the sweat out, my dress was wetter than if it had come out of a washing machine.

I stood in the cold shower for a few blissful minutes trying to cool down. I went to bed under two fans and passed out.

I really wanted to find something that was indicative and reflective of the many experiences
you encountered and shared with us during your recent hospital stay. However, I am not
so sure that I, myself, could have kept a stiff upper lip and a smile on my face without some
serious duck tape. Let me try:
I thank You God for friends. . . who
When I could not pray -- they could.
I thank You for friends, that,
When I did not pray -- they would.
For in those times when circumstance
Brought my spirit so very low, 'My mind was filled with uncertainties;
But Your Will, they seemed to know.
In those times of my trials;
They would pray and intercede . . .
I thank You God for having friends
Who care that much for me.
Help me also know the times their hearts
Are filled with sadness;
Thank You God, as I intercede for them,
You are The Friend who brings them gladness!
by Donna Bennett Howell
Cheer to your heart and peace to your mind,
Frances - Chicago
I hope you are getting some of your strength back. It will take some time. You will be amazed at how weak a hospital stay can make you when you are lying in a bed for too long.
Frances from Chicago says:
When you've received a blessing
from friends or an unknown,
Remember, and be grateful,
and someday pass it on.
If someone stops to help you
when you are really stuck,
Don't reject that needy stranger
who's fallen on bad luck.
When you were cold and hungry,
think how it could have been
If all who saw you coming
had "no room in the inn."
Each day we should be thankful
for those who pass our way
Spreading rays of sunshine
to brighten up our day.
Each simple act of kindness
is like a seed well sown...
Remember, and be grateful,
and someday pass it on!
by Clay Harrison
Best Wishes,
p.s. Obviously some of the hospital caregivers never heard of karma

You can say THAT again!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Email Replies

If you wrote me and if you didn't get a reply from me, then please check your SPAM file. For some reason, some readers reported finding m email in their SPAM file.

I don't send out spam, I only answer emails that were sent to me.

So put my email in your "safe" list. If you haven't heard from me, write again! I will see if I replied before and forward that to you and if I didn't well I will now!

My email is

DearMissMermaid AT aol. com

Of course you know WHAT to replace the AT with, I am trying to avoid spammers from getting my email off this blog *tee hee hee* so hopefully you can figure out how to correct the email and write me if you so desire.

Now, where does all this dust, fuzz and crud come from that is stuck on my hair brush? I am giving it a good soak in Joy soap, then getting it nice and clean again.

At the hospital, Lori, brought me a brand new hairbrush, as I had none and was looking pretty strange. I washed it everyday after brushing my hair and this seemed to amuse the other patients. I had no bucket to soak it in, like I am doing today.

The other day, I had thrown out an old hair brush, then couldn't find my other new one plus I know I had another not so old one around here, just can't find it. So I dug the old one out of the garbage, and gave it a good cleaning and now it's soaking in a bucket too.

Guess I will have lots of clean hair brushes now!

1027am Ah HA!

Found my new hair brush in my purse. Who would have thouht to put it there? I must be losing my mind. (But it won't get far in the shape it is in!)

934am PAIN

How can recovery be so painful?

Everything hurts when I try to do housework. I can't find ANY of my 2 or 3 hair brushes and this has me completely baffled. Where do they go?

I am grumpy. My face is swollen. I am dizzy.

Today I must look up these horrible drugs I am on and see what the EFFECTS are. I don't believe in side effects, they are all EFFECTS.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

There Is a Way

Frances from Chicago says:
There Is a Way
There is a way to overcome
The obstacles we face in life...
To many, they seem quite burdensome
And they're ready to give up the strife.
Oh friend, keep struggling as you trudge along
Upon life's rugged road;
There's someone waiting to right the wrong
By lifting your heavy load.
There is a way to smile again
If you'll look up in the sky;
You'll find the sunshine after the rain
When the clouds have drifted by.
Though many tears have filled your eyes,
They've made the way quite clear
To find a rainbow in the skies
And take away your fear.
Yes, there's a way if you'll look for it;
You'll find many blessings if you do not quit
And they will multiply.
Just trust in God from day to day
And don't give in to despair.
Hold on to His hand, let Him lead the way,
Keep a song in your heart and a prayer.
by Lou Ella Cullipher
And another verticle day has passed!!
Horizontal is only good when one is engaged in flatbacking.
Check out the prospects while you are there.


Well DearMissMermaid, another day and you are still verticle. This is Frances from Chicago.
Hope that this poem can uplift you.
Let the sun be your freedom,
The wind be your song,
The promise of morning
When the nights are long...
And when you find a rainbow
After a rain storm's end,
Believe with all your heart
Miracle do happen.
by Joy Frederick
Take care for another day.


Frances from Chicago.
I noticed that you are still in an upright position, instead of the dreaded prone!
Are you sure that hospital doesn't need micro managing?
Little deeds of kindness,
Little acts of love,
Show that we're acquainted
With the Lord above.
Little deeds of kindness
Cheer us on our way.
And help ourselves and others
Have a happy day.
Acts of loving kindness
Prompt a happy smile,
And add a joy to living
And make life worthwhile.
by Vera Beall Parker
Safe Keeping,
ps: Remember, after storms come rainbows.


I sleep much of my day away. I try to get up and putter around the house, but everything aches or I get dizzy or I just get plain wore out!

My black kitty is stretched out here in front of the fan looking positively wore out too! I have my laptop computer on a bar stool by the bed instead of in my office. That way I don't have far to fall when I am tired!

I've been downloading movies and shows while I sleep so that IF we had a big bad hurricane and no current or TV, I could fire up the generator and watch movies.

As for micro managing the hospital, different shifts are run different ways and other than the head honchos, everyone seems to be on a rotating schedule. That must be tough on their relatives.

One HUGE improvement the hospital could do is make EVERYONE where a label that tells their JOB TITLE. I was thoroughly confused between those that wore whites, pale blues, dark blues, pinks, purples, greens and so on. Some wore no uniform at all. The doctors wore white coats, mostly, and security wore browns. No one wore hats, I guess those are out of vogue now, except some of the nutrition ladies wore hair nets.

Such as the gardener who was wearing a shirt with skull heads printed all over it, a pair of jeans, flip flops and surgeon's gloves while he raked.

The nutrition and kitchen department needs a MAJOR overhaul. The calories widely as did the quality of the food.

I noticed that some employees arrived empty handed and left carrying large bags of stuff. I thought this suspicious.

I've been out of the hospital for a week now, and I am WEAK!

When I got out, I mentioned earlier how I had all these little plastic grocery bags packed up with my stuff. One for dirty clothes, one for clean clothes, one for toiletries, one for snacks, one for chocolate, one for drugs, my computer in a tattered bluejean backpack (it's only 20 years old with rusty buckles, but somehow the zippers have survived) and my purse plus the gift of the stand fan. All I needed was a shopping cart and I could be the bag lady!

My friend showed up to pick me up and thoroughly embarrassed me further by fetching a big black garbage bag and dumping all my stuff in it! Now I did positively look totally homeless and decrepit. We managed to get the pile of debris out the veranda, where I had to stand with it all, while she went to fetch her car.

I am sure it was quite entertaining for the people on the veranda. The lady that sells patties (meat filled turnovers she stressed were baked and not fried) was there. The day before she had sold me patties when I found my lunch a tad disgusting. My lunch had gone to the wild kitty at the edge of the hospital property. When I wobbled back up to the veranda, my friend in the wheel chair had pointed out the pattie lady for me and I went over and did my shopping with her then realized I had no money in my purse. So I hiked back to my room and found some cash and went back out and paid her.

So, now, a day later, I went over and told her that her patties did MAGIC and brought me the miracle I was hoping for, and I was GOING HOME!

We stopped at the Boat House Restaurant at the Manual Reef Marina in Sea Cows Bay (See Cows Bray!) because my friend there had my house keys. The chef made me one my favorite dishes there, a Salmon pizza made like traditional Lox and Bagels, only served on pizza instead of a bagel. I took it home, because I knew there wasn't much there to eat. It was DELICIOUS though hit took me 4 meals to eat it all, as my tongue was still so sore, I could hardly chew without great pain.

Also, the meds seem to have made my teeth super sensitive. My face is swollen and the Docs say this is normal, but I don't get it! How can a swollen face be normal?


A Hurricane Katrina s(2005) pecial from New Orleans is on HBO right now. It's a real tear jerker to watch. No one knows for sure how many died. I think it was in the thousands, though officals report a paltry sum of 1200. I find that VERY hard to believe.

This is the show I am watching, it's a real must-see, a very sobering story.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 08 18 754amAug 18 08 Smile!

I smile when I feel bad and it makes me feel better again

2009 08 18 Angels and Prayers

Frances from Chicago. So glad that you were still able to walk away in a verticle position from that hospital.
A Little Prayer
When I awoke this morning
I said a litle prayer.
And so I send this message
To let you know I care...
When you are feeling blue
And you think you are alone,
Just remember God is with you
Wherever you may roam...
And He will keep you in His arms
Of comfort and of rest.
His love will be sufficient -
He'll give you what is best.
So, friend, don't be discouraged,
For you are in His care.
Just come into His presence
And God will meet you there.
by Bonnie R. Benedix

2009 08 18 Angels

Angels everywhere! I am way behind on my emails, but trying to catch up and give everyone a personal answer.

Much to my dismay, I found an email from August 8th with an offer of a homecooked meal delivered to the hospital!


Angels everywhere! I am so sorry I was either flying high on drugs or sleeping and just fell so bar behind on my emails that as of today the 19th, I am only caught up to the 8th.

ANGELS everywhere!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 08 19 Cat Naps

WOW! I had lunch and then slept two more hours. That was my 2nd or 3rd nap for the day. I've just got to find a way to get my energy back!

My big kitty sleeps with the little kitty!

Drew brought me the donations from SAVE THE MERMAID and also two super cute stuffed kitties approved to live with me at the hospital! But I had just come home so the two new kitties are living with me and the other cats who have taken a liking to them.

2009 08 19 GIVING THANKS

I owe so many thank yous!

Thank yous for the emails and letters.

Thanks yous for the angels.

Thank yous for the prayers.

Thank yous for the gifts.

Thank yous for those supporting my book by buying it.

Thank yous for those encouraging others to buy my book.

Thanks yous for this day the Lord has made and allowed me to wake up alive.

Thank yous for my crazy friends, readers and family and those that are sane and love me anyhow.

Thanks yous for the cash donations from SAVE THE MERMAID. It has eased my stress tremendously.

Thank yous for the wonderful staff at Peebles Hospital who did so much to save my life.

Thank yous for my cats who love me no matter what. They even seem a bit more patient with me and not near as demanding as if they know it's tough on me.

Thank yous for the gifts of foods and meals. Cooking and preparing is so hard right now.

Thank yous for the fan gift that is keeping me cool.

Thanks yous for the water that keeps me alive.

Thank yous for the well wishes.

Thank yous for those who went out of their way to visit me in such a dismal place. The hospital, which is in need of a lot, needs a make over with bright cheery paints in the old section where the patients are housed.

Thanks yous for the Air Conditioning techs at the hospital that finally came through with repairs.

Thank yous that the lack of storms that have spared us thus far.

Thank yous for the movie "Music Within" a true story about one man who made a huge difference for the handicapped.

Thank yous that my antique *giggle* laptop that is still holding up and enabling me to write each and every day. As a hopeless dyslexic, the laptop has opened up the world for me.

This is just a short list of all the things I am grateful for.

2009 08 19 Mermaid Fever!

2009 08 18 Checking out of the hospital

Checking out of the hospital was rather hilarious at times. It took quite a while. My meds had to be fetched and getting them was not easy.

The hospital drug store is on the first floor and no elevator goes there. I was on the 2nd floor. Also the drug store has no cashier. The cashier is on the 2nd floor. So first the prescription has to be trotted outside, down the hill, and inside the first floor drug store. There you wait until your turn to present your prescription.

The druggist checks his inventory and prices, fills out a scrap piece of paper with all the prices. Then you hike outside, up the hill and into the doors to the 2nd floor. You stand in line and when it is your turn, you pay the cashier, and get a receipt. Then it's down the hallway, out the door, down the hill, inside the drug store, wait your turn, present your prescriptions and paid receipt, then wait for the drugs to be filled and handed back to you. Then it's out the door, up the hill, back into the front door and down the hallway to the patent's room.

Needless to say, the Doc's had determined I was too weak to collect my drugs on my own, so someone else was dispatched to do this for me. Of course their work and exercise for collecting my drugs, also included trips back to my hospital room to collect cash to go pay for the drugs and subsequently to bring me the change, receipts and bag full of meds.

WHEW! Buying drugs for a patient at the hospital, is not for the faint at heart. To make it more complicated, I was rejecting some of the overpriced designer drugs, and this was causing problems all around.

I didn't agree with the final diagnosis from the Docs, plus my white blood count was still high, in spite of all that was being done and some of the designer drugs, as I call them, are the type you see pushed on TV commercials and when you go to price them out, you find out they are $10 a pill or something ridiculous.

Meanwhile, I was trying to pack up in those tiny flimsy grocery bags, leftover from visitors who had brought me yogurt, juice, fruit, chocolate, clothes etc. So I had a bag of dirty clothes, a bag of clean clothes, a bag of toiletries, a bag of food. My friends had brought me simple foods to tide me over on days when the meals were not edible. So I had apple juice, crackers, peanut butter, cofort cookies, red and yellow apples, mango jam, fruit cups in a can and pudding cups in plastic. The thrush had become so painful, that I was only able to eat soft foods and no one had notified the kitchen, so my food trays had continued to come with foods too painful to eat (or too disgusting!)

One meal was this super dry very dead salt fish with a zillion bones. I packed it up in a styropfoam tea cup and took it outside to the wild kitty I had seen hunting around the hospital grounds. Breakfast that morning had been frozen fish sticks, baked rock hard and inedible. The well meaning apples my friend had bought were too hard for me to eat and my juice was sustaining me (and sending me to the bathroom rather often.) The fish sticks were also delivered to the wild kitty. One dinner had been overcooked tiny greasy chicken wings with no flavor, but the wild kitty enjoyed them.

There was a spot about 40 feet from the hospital, away from people, where I placed my wild kitty offerings. Once I left the spot and went back to the veranda, I could wait and watch, and if I had plenty of time, the wild kitty would show up in 10-40 minutes, and fight his way through the proffered food and eventually get it all down. Then he would saunter off, looking a bit less bedraggled.

My last day at the hospital, when I had announced tearfully, I wanted to go home and promises were made I could go in a few days, perhaps, and I had become insistent. I was disgusted because my yogurt had been ruined when it had been left out on the counter in the heat by staff, then subsequently thrown in the freezer after it had separated into whey and yogurt. When it thawed later that morning, after I had begged for it, the mess looked disgustingly inedible.

There was a certain staff member who kept scolding me not to eat ice cream and I would say "This is yogurt!" and she would insist ice cream and yogurt were the SAME thing. No matter how much I tried to explain they were vastly different, she shook her head and insisted they were the same. I suspect, but have absolutely NO PROOF that is was her, that let my yogurt melt and separate in the heat before being tossed in the freezer.

Some shifts let me access the refrigerator on my own and other shifts refused. The rules changed, every shift on this and many other areas such as the cold water fountain. Some shifts I was allowed to fill up my water bottle from the jumbo cooled water bottle on my ward and other times I was scolded and sent away empty handed or with a small triangular disposable cup of water that was good for about two swallows. When I had the energy, I could hike over to the new part of the hospital and fill up my water bottle at the secret water fountain which was unguarded. Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Back to packing to leave, there was the bag of chocolate from the sailor who had offered to sacrifice a boat, a float a goat or whatever it took to make the jumbys leave me alone and the Gods happy to improve my health. I had suggested Chocolate be sacrificed to appease the jumbys. I had assumed the sailor would consume copious amounts of chocolate as a "sacrifice". Imagine my surprise, when he flew in to go sailing and packed a bag of chocolate to bring to me to sacrifice!

OOOOPS! The patient is exhausted and will have to finish this story later...

Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 08 17 Side Effects of Major Effects?





phantom pain form vampires and IV's

swollen wrist from staph infection from IV's

tongue has Thrush (yuck, it HURTS to eat!)

teeth are super sensitive, have to use Sensodyne to barely make it through the day!


Well, let's hope this all improves, it can't get much worse!

Belly Rub!

Kitty has passed right out after his belly rub!


FUN stuff! Move your curser over the painting and watch what happens, move it around really fast and WOW!

2009 08 17 932am Monday

Woke up alive, still very weak like a motherless kitten. The least bit of energy expenditure just wears me out and sends me back to bed.

The two brother cats take turns keeping me company in bed, the third one is almost always in bed, on the blankie kneading it or in the corner snoozing or talking up a storm to me.

Tropical Ana Banana is a big mess here with gust winds and rains, thick overcast skies.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 08 16 VERY SAD NEWS

Maggie, the bartender at Mulligans (Nanny Cay) passed away this morning after a gallant fight for her life. While I was not at the hospital, where she was rushed to recently, I understand they did all they could possibly to save her life and many loved ones rushed to the hospital and made blood donations to assist her.

What a sad day.

Prayers for Maggie and all her loved ones.

2009 08 16 424 am SUNDAY woke up alive

Lots of cool cards have been sent my way, THANK YOU! This one features a kitty *tee he hee*/

Now we have tropical storm TWINS (Ana and Bill) arriving this week, a few days apart (twins sometimes do that!)

The hospital has messed up my time clock, now I seem to wake up at the times the nurses were waking me up! Grrrrrrr...

I still sleep like a cat, taking 17 naps a day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 08 15 Tropical Storm ANA

Well the 3 day forecast shows Ana coming by the BVI on Monday. YIKES!

And, I have absolutely NOTHING stocked up for the hurricane party! DOUBLE YIKES!
I better start making my list:
Cat Food
Canned Soup
Bottled Water
Cat Litter
Canned Tuna
Generator Gas
Well, that ought to about cover it!
TS Ana is moving at about 16pmh with 40mph winds.
This is real bad planning all around, I am still very tired and weak from the hospital. At least no one is assaulting my left arm anymore. My right arm is in pretty good shape, though I had a few battles to keep that arm safe!


Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 08 14 1142am Sleep, Sleep, Sleep...

Yesterday, I was awake and excited to have company from 930 until 4pm. Then I went back to bed and now I can't seem to get OUT of bed. I did get up for an hour today, and it was so exhausting, I went back to bed.

Good grief.

I've got to get some energy going to make it out of here alive!

OK, back to bed, I am tired again.


2009 08 14 707am Woke up ALive

I am not sure I made the right decision to come home early. When I am alone, I get very scared. Kinda odd, I used to be rough and tough!

Drew brought me green teas and two really cute stuffed kitties, in case I was still in the hospital, I would have company! They are cute as can be! When I go back to the hospital to visit my friends I left behind, I will take them for show and tell.

My real cats are taking turns being with me. Yesterday they were naughty and tried to steal my breakfast while I was in the bathroom. As a result , my plate smashed into a million pieces and my breakfast was inedible due to the multiple shards buried in it. Two naughty cats scampered out the door and hid from me for the next 4 hours. I don't know WHAT came over them! They know MY FOOD is off limits. tsk tsk tsk

The third cat, who is doing poorly, hung around me all day, as he had nothing to do with the breakfast caper. Hours later, the other two came sauntering back inside and up on my bed, as if to be begging for forgiveness.

Throughout the night, they seemed to take turns cuddling up with me.

It feels good to be alive, even if I am scared.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 08 13 440pm Thursday

In loving memory of my mother who was born on August 13th and in loving memory of my young nephew who died August 13th. You are missed, loved and never ever forgotten.

I went HOME!!!

The docs wanted to keep me longer, but I really missed my cats.

I know that is a SILLY reason to go home...

Also, we had reached the point where new drugs were being added to counteract the side effects of the old drugs. I felt like I was on a Merry Go Round.

There was another major problem, that was stressing me out, I will explain later, it had nothing to do with the care I was getting.

I do think I received really good care from the Docs. I am not 100% confident of their final diagnosis. I think there was a rush to "sum me up".

I was sent home with 14 different medications, rather SCARY.

On the way home we stopped at a store and lo and behold yogurt was HALF PRICE so I bought 18 yogurts.

Lawdy Mercy, I shudda listened to them and STAYED in the hospital, as it had air conditioning *tee hee hee*.

Drew came over today (from St John where he is vacationing, but he is from Minnesota) with the SAVE THE MERMAID funds and we had lunch together and a fun time visiting. My tongue is still so bad, that it took me an hour to eat only half my lunch, so I brought the other half home.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your contributions to SAVE THE MERMAID! Bless you all!

On the way back home, we stopped by the store (it's near my home) and bought 22 more half price yogurts. Yogurt is easy to eat and easy on my tongue and of course has the probiotics. Which Drew brought over probiotic pills too!

Well, it's back to bed for me. I am exhausted.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 08 12 705am WHiney Witch

I guess I am just a whiney witch!

My tongue is so destoryed from the antibiotics they gave me, that I can hardly eat anything and my stomach complains constantly. I need SOFT foods for now, but no one cares.

My friends brought in YOGURT for me. I put my name on it and it's kept in the refrigerator down the hall. I have to ask permission like a little child to have my yogurt. I NEED yogurt to stomach these awful drugs.

For two days they REFUSED to let me have my yogurt and I should have fought them on this. It would have saved my tongue! One staff person can't tell the difference between yogurt and ice cream and she constantly yells at me about eaitng ice cream and I explain IT IS YOGURT and she says SAME THING!

Well ice cream and yogurt are NOT the same thing!

But I guess she got REVENGE on me now. SOMEBODY froze up yogurt rock solid hard and ruined it.

Today, I went to get my yogurt and surprisingly they told me to go fetch it myself. Some staff let me touch the fridge others refuse, so it's a GAME we play. I went in and searched the fridge and my yogurt was gone.

I went back to ask about it, after all it had my NAME on it. A staff member suggested that someone cleaned the fridge and tossed it out. I said WELL, I wish they had ASKED me, since it had my NAME On it!

It was a BIG container of PLAIN yogurt. That stuff is not cheap here! It costs like $6 to $10 depending on which store you get it at! Grrrrr...

I jokingly said (thinking of the fool who yells at me for eating ice cream when I am eating yogurt) MAYBE somebody put it in the freezer...

THe staff opened up the freezer and there was my yogurt, frozen hard as a rock. What's even worse, it looks like it sat outside the fridge for a long time, as the whey had separated. SO it's two toned frozen hard as a rock.

Now I have nothing to eat.

I think I am going to pack up, call a taxi and go home.

I am sick and tired of the torture here.

2009 08 12 631am Woke up Alive Again

I check on this old trawler every day as if it were my own boat. It's part of my view from the hospital. Seen, are the carnival flags, that I wish they would leave up until they fall apart. They are all over the island and give it a festival feel.

Typically they pay a fortune to bring them all down and throw into the garbage, kind of sad. They should leave them up until at least Christmas.

As for me, I have tons of homework to do to decipher the doctor's hand writing and look up this mountain of drugs they propose to keep a mermaid alive.

I don't have health insurance, I was canceled years ago for making claims and for some bureaucratic term called "pre-existing condition". I've never been real fond of insurance companies, I seem to have always been on the losing end. Pay your premiums and if you dare to file a claim, they harass you then cancel you. Grrrrrr...

So, I have to think this through real carefully.

I just CAN NOT imagine going home today and being on 12 drugs to barely stay alive. That ain't living in my book.

Oh and I was told that I must get rid of my cats! WHAT THE HECK??? The docs are crazy if they think I am getting rid of my wittle fur balls.

Let's get rid of my crazy neighbor! The one who pours concrete one day then jack hammers it the next so that my bedroom is constantly flooded with teeny tiny concrete particles!

My white blood cells are still out of whack and they are sending me home with a diagnosis I think is partly wrong and giving me pat advise like "get rid of your pets, get rid of carpet, get rid of curtains". Well, I don't have carpet nor curtains. I have bamboo shades.

I do want to get rid of the landlords' cardboard moldy chest of drawers. Their rental agent bought this piece of junk and put it in the apartment. It keeps growing mold! YUCK!

But twelve drugs?

I don't see how I am going to deal with that.

Seems half my problems and drugs now, are medically induced! The staph infection from the IV and the angry nurse...

The pathetic tongue with the awfully painful thrush caused by over enthusiastic use of meds without yogurt...

Now I am just hungry often, as I can't eat much, it is SO painful. So I sit here with these awful bellyahces, wishing I had soup or soft food, something that didn't hurt so bad to eat.

The chemically induced diabetes, my nice low cholresterol that has soared since living on this erratic hospital diet...

I know they SAVED MY LIFE, but for what? To kill me all over again?