Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 07 31 854am Friday the 31st

OMG! How long have I been lost here?

Around 330am, I couldn't take the heat and sweat anymore, I got a sleepy staff to wrap up my arms and I staggered to the ladies room.

I dragged a shower chair under the newly fixed showed (yeah, I fixed the shower... no kidding!) ANd I sat there and dumped liquid hand soap over my hair and washed it all.

THen I sat for the next half hour trying to wash it all out. The trickle is the best I can get going. SOmebody knocked on the dooor and I did my best imitation at growling like a wild creature of the night.

I wish I had conditioner, it owuld have gone faster, but I wish I weren't here too...

I came back and now the 4-5am super bright lights were on. I dressed in my pink dress!

THAT was a suprise when I found it. I thought due to the stains and problems, it had been tossed out, (it was the dress I wore upon arrival in the ER) but the sweet angel who does laundry here, had apparently gone to great pains to save it. So WOW, my wardrobe is HUGE now with 3 dresses to choose from. What more could a mermaid want?

I grabbed my new hair brush, courtesy of the Minneaplois/East END Angel and headed for the veranda and annonced to the startled gatekeeper that I was going to do my hair brushing outside.

He let me out (the door was open and I slipped right through!) then he bolted upright and apparently went to report my appearance/disappearance.

I sat on the veranda in the predawn, thoroughly exhausted, but felt GREAT, even though I could barely comb my hair.

I amy be super tired, but I am ALIVE and my hair is CLEAN.

OK, back to bed again...

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