Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 07 28 alternative WHATS???

Silly me, for many years I have been into alternative therapies and holistic treatments and back to nature type of healing. Sure there are comfort foods that can be real junky because they remind one of a comforting point and time, one wishes to revisit and this ma include unwholesome junky goods etc. But then there is the glorious foods of all natural vegetables and fruits and grains, stuff straight from the earth and of course the many wonderful uses of herbs for flavoring all aspects of your life and foods and many with healing powers and ongoing promote-good-health powers.

Yogurt has many medicinal properties, and I just assumed this was general knowledge in the medical fiedl, so when I aarrived and began being this river rat full of chemcials and drugs, I began asking around about yogurt with my meals and was met with blank stares, exasperation and told to my face to get my own blankety blank yogurt. So thanks to several good friends, I've had yogurt deliveries, and I am able to eat the stuff 2-3 times a day.

Of course finding my absolute favorite of plain vanilla or plain plain with no sugars is hard as heck, but it's an island, and we are used to things being hard to find. Yogurt does come here in tons of flavors, jsut that they often have all those sugars and crap thrown in when gloriosu yogurt on it's own is wonderful without all the addicting stuff is thrown in.

I am a fond believer of Dr Hulda Clarke as she is back to nature with a suggested eating regime of pure natural foods and so on, avoidng all chemcials and additives. She first posed the suggestion to me that the additives and chemicals and stuff we can't pronounce, hidden in fast and prepared foods are there to MAKE YOU SICK so you become dependent on the medical care system.

I believe it too.

I also beleive in the water cure and have had great success in improving my kidneys and many other aspects of my life drastically by the simple intake of water.

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