Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 07 29 848pm The Angels Take Over

It's been a wild day of highs and lows and comedy and madness.

I feel confident the team of doctors here working my case are going to get me out of here vertically!

On the far left, is my hand, it's black and blue and grossly misshapen, you might notice the wrist, hand and thunb is unusually large! I think the meds went awry by mistake, anyhow, we discconected the old IV's and started new ones. As I look at that picture and the hand now, I think WOW, we've come a long way BABY!

The black and blue is much worse in person than in the picture, but in the picture the hilariously huge wrist and hand is comical and it's much smaller now.

Above, on the right, are all my treats for an hour's worth of entertianment. Much of the day I cannot talk nor type, due to the massive plumbing arrangements. Every few hours, all this mess is thrown out and a new collection of drugs are strung up for my next session. Between all the chemicals and drugs, I sneak off to the bathroom as I have WON the bedpan battle.

Today there were no pill fights, nothing to sweep up. Usually my bed is surrounded by pills and cups flying every where. More on that later...

If nobody is looking, and I am unplugged, I slip out of my oxygen and stroll for the veranda.

I often come back, rather sheepishly, coughing and hacking, way out of breath, plunk down in bed and setttle back while they plug in the tubes again.

I had a BIG DARK MALE ANGEL appear tonight! He called me on the phone and said "Ssssssssspppppp........ Dear Miss Mermaid! Meet me outside, I have TREATS for you!"

Whether it was dreaming or not, it sounded too good to be true.... and I was about to find out first hand!

I slipped out of the restraints and went out and there was Tortola's finests Chef with a stack of goodies for me! YIPPIE!!!! I am dining in STYLE tonight (and at midnight and tomorrow and for lunch...)

Oh MAN, I think I can live another day! Another Week!

OK, no fancy DIAGNOSIS to give everyone yet.... SOON COME....

Something else I wanted to mention, heck what was it, I forget, hmmm, let me think....


well when i think of it, I will say so, but THANK YOU for reading and THANK you for the hilarious posts and the serious posts and the Emails and the humor and the offers to relocate and all the madness,

heck im wore out, mo later.


******************\\NOW I rememebr what I wanted to say!

Hey that only took 40 minutes to remember...

Another groupf of nice folks from a church came over and sang and prayed and circled my bed and built a ring of angels, we gonna keep those devils FAR FAR FAR away from this mermaid.

Devils and angels are every where, but then there are the mysteries, the ones you don't know WHAT they are!


  1. You go girl!!!!! I have a rubber chicken that was my son's talisman growing up. I'm ready to wring its neck to create major positive juju. I think half the known world is hovering, breathless, as you fight the fight of a lifetime.

  2. Keep fighting, Mermaid, you'll win in the end. With the aid of all your friends out in Tortola and on here :-D


Life is goof!