Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009 07 30 732pm You take my breath away

All the meds were done, I wasn't plugged into anything and I fancied a stroll to the vernada would improve my stamina. So I slipped out of the oxygen and ambled on down the hallway, up the breif ramp, showed my ID to the gate keeper and out to the glorious veranda where I stuck my head out in the sun and smiled!

I made a few phone calls, nearly whispering, as talking is still rough on me. A friend threatned to stop by the veranda a few minutes on her way elsewhere and I was eagerly awaiting when I realized I had to rush for the ladies room. Rushing doesn't work for me yet.

I came out of the bathrooom, breathless and blue, the nurse ordered me to bed for my stats. My oxygen was alarmingly low, so back with the mask and no more vernada. *sigh*

Freedom is so fleeting...

COMEDY in the ward...
A few of the patients had a secret meeting, and we bashed up some of the staff really good (and really badly!) *tee hee hee*. There is a temporary peace treaty in effect that the wheel chair boyz can use the ladies room... After all, when you take stock of our floor, everyone is in diaper's except the four of us, so what's a little sharing...

One patient, tossed out of her private room, claims someone offered more money to take her nice room away. She is miserable and indignant to be thrown in with us motley crew of barely alive and gasping..... IN protest, she played her radio at top volume for the entire floor to enjoy...

That lead to the evil discussion of the landlord's around here that do the exact same thing, like that German witch who jacked up my rent and made me move two years ago.... while I Was still recuperaint from busting my legs, after promising me that place for maaaaaaaany years, liars, every one of them!

One poor soul was told by mistake, that she got to go home today and then cruelly told hours later, it was a mistake. She burst into tears and I don't blame her one bit. ALot of crying going on here. I still cry at least once or twice a day.

THen the minister came to see me. She's a tall beautiful lady. I admire her greatly.

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