Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 07 28 Who's Hiding Behind that Eye Mask?

I thought I was in heaven (almost).

Last night, I slid over the comfy eye mask that my New Zealand friend brought by. I felt like I was styling. She had freshly laundered it. It's a cool shade of blue that matches my outfit, it's nice and soft, and the outside is corduroy. The strap is adjustable and it has elastic, so it's really quite well made. I've never felt the urge to use one of these, but here I definately need it.

This was far superioir than my other attempt with cardboard over my face, held in place by cheap sunglasses, (which must have looked ridiculous in it's own right...) but it did WORK.

So there I was, plugged into my oxygen, hair let down, bed even let down some, cuddled up with my blankie and my pillow, sleeping all peaceful like, in the preferred semi-fetal position everyone around here craves....

(By the way as I write this, our new patient on the floor is calling this place a prison and demanding a doctor and in spite of flowers, and many nice accoutrement's she arrived with, wants to go home...)

I KNOW HER PAIN!!!! I cried all morning it seemed, wanting to go home TOO!!!

Anyhow, so early this morning, No one slaps me, (yippee!) but they wiggle my covers and tell me to wake up. I leave my mask on, sit up and stick out my right arm for all the medical monitoring measurements and my left arm for all the torture.

This seemed to appease them, and I was happy. I wasn't being driven to insanity with the super bright interogator lights, I was only semi awake, as I am never allowed to sleep more than 3 hours here, though I think they slipped up last night (shhhhhh!) and let me sleep 4 or so!

Ha ha ha!

What was I thinking?

A moment later my comfy moment is shattered when I am dumped in icy COLD water from my chest to my lap! I hear the familiar rattle of pills flying across the floor. I rip off my eye mask, I shiver, I shake at my dress and try to figure out what the heck happened here?

This is day 3 or 4 of the flying pills. It's a pill fight! (More on that later...) Kinda emabressing, but every mornign my bed is surrounded by pills until the custodian shows up to sweep...

The devil says quite accusing, "YOU SPILLED YOUR WATER!"

I keep all VERBAL thoughts to myself and don't let the devil TEMPT me (lest I get arrested for murder in this place...)

WHY on earth would you expect a blind folded mermaid to SEE you are holding icy cold water and pills??? Now who is sleeping? How did I spill that water? I had NO IDEA there was icy cold water there. No one said a THING about here's icy cold water, here's pills or anything! So I stay silent and fan my soaked dress back and forth.

Best I can figure, while I was still in my eye patches, the nurse decided to hand me the icy cold water and simply dropped it down the front of my dress...

She reached for my IV to plug me up again, and I said "Oh no, not now, I am soaked in icy cold water, at least me run for the ladies room first..."

I rummage around and realize I have nothing dry to put on, only dirty stuff or my discharge dress, and I don't feel like putting on my nice dress right now. Grrrrr... So I live in the wet dress and go back to bed. They have found more pills and I take them. They plug me up to all the IV's and nebulizers and I lay there staring out the window, wondering.........

Little pink pills are everywhere it seems. More on the pill fights later....

I feel sorry for the new patient. She has fresh flowers, a radio, nice sylish bags, like she expected to be on vacation, not in this place. Someone brought her a very special meal that I must not covet. She has a new bedroom wardrobe and looks nice and well cared for. She arrived with her own blankie, an insulated pitcher. Maybe she was downgraded from a private room into the ward here. Either way, she is well outfitted to be here.

But she is miserable and they've sent a team of nurses and doctors to speak to her and still she looks so very sad and pathetic. She has refused all attempts they have implored to make her get in bed. She sat stubbornly on the side and when they complained, she has moved to a chair and refuses to get back in the bed.

You go girl! You fight them!

I KNOW the feeling. I know....

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