Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 07 26 649pm angels and devils

New rules here, if you have a blankie, then you can't have a top sheet, you can have a bottom sheet, but no top sheet. I don't get it. WHO makes up these rules?

I have to give up my blankie to get a top sheet?


I had noticed in my altered state, that we have angels working here and devils working here.

The angels are of course wonderful and try to help me GET WELL!

The devils try to stress me out and spit venom every chance they get. I am a second class citizen to them that deserves nuttin!

Then I've had friends and strangers come pray over me, pray over my bed, I wake up they are praying. They sing, they preach, they pray. It seemed a bit overwhelming at times, then I CAUGHT on!!!


Oops......... they just took my left arm away, can only type one handed now & I am tired,

will explain about this later


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