Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 07 26 511pm

OK I survived another 12 hours. YIPPEE!

I did get to send my laundry out and it actually came back again, all clean, so that's nice, but they lost my top sheet again. That seems to happen often, then don't have enough sheets to go around, so somebody gets shorted everyday.

Another lady patient went home so we have an empty bed in my area. That is two that has gone home since I got here. *sigh*

Much of the day has been torture. The vampire turned back up. I was hoping she had lost my address. Some do not get my humor, others love it. It's a culture crash here. Patients and workers from many different countries around the Caribbean and the globe, so it's chaotic at times, trying to understand each other.

The vampire bursts out laughing every time I say, "Oh, it's you again, the vampire..."

She grabbed my good arm and I grabbed it right back. "Oh, no you don't! You and the others have nearly destroyed my other arm, just keep whittling away on it, I am not going to let you destroy both. It's hard enough typing with one hand, I can't imagine typing with NO hands (type with my toes?)

So it's now the left arm that is suffering a great deal of abuse. It has bruises and multiple bandages and dried up blood under the mess and in between it all is my prison ID (hospital security ID) that let's me in and out of the hospital and onto the coveted veranda.

The Doc came around and I told her the wardens had given me grief about hanging on the veranda, and she said she would put it in my records or charts or orders, that I can take myself to the veranda as much as possible.

I like to go out there and stick my head out in the sun and get some fresh air and dream about LIFE OUTSIDE the hospital.

Is this it? I hope not. I hope they get me well SOON and out of here, though heaven knows what will happen next.

Some friends from Dominica came by, they were all dressed up from church and styling, and brought their cute little grandson with them. We hugged and prayed and chatted. They live across the harbor, but watched in horror as the ambulance came to my house, but they were sure it was NOT me, then became worried when I didn't answer my cell phone, I guess while I was passed out, I just didn't hear it ringing, even so I wouldn't have been able to chat.

I saw later I had missed messages and before I could return the calls, they called again and I told them it was me, and even though my friend doesn't drive, her husband does drive and they come to town for church every Sunday. I've known them for years, some of the first folks I ever met, when I set foot on Tortola.


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