Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 07 27 116am Monday morning

Praying for angels works! Lo and behold, a nice soul I have known 10+ years came into work on my floor tonight! She overheard the BS from the devil about my blankie trade for a sheet (have you ever heard of something so ridiculous?)

Anyhow, she is an ANGEL, so eventually my sheet turned up and I did not have to surrender my blankie to get it.

More patients checked out today. But I am still here.

I LOVE THE hilarious emails many of you readers have sent me! My apologies I can not reply to them immediately, but thanks for making me laugh with all the foolishness... such as:

Dear Miss Mermaid, I am dropping by the hospital with a bottle of Rum, a bag of weed and some bush tea for your immediate recuperation...

I bet the guards are gonna love that!

There has already been some confusion with names around here, people turning up looking for me and my name not seemingly being on the roster... but they find me anyhow!

Either I am getting sicker or the food is getting better... har har har

Actually the food is high fat, and traditional Caribbean, for the most part. Packs of sugar are thrown on the side all the time but no salt or pepper. Tonight I was told dinner would be Chicken Kraft. What arrived was one small stewed chicken wing with the skin on, a scoop of Mac and Cheese straight from the box, and some overcooked early sweet peas that had a funny taste (like they were very late) and a half pear out of a can with heavy syrup on the side and some kind of sugary drink, perhaps oversweetend grape drink stuff.

I crave a big pile of fresh fruits and vegetables...

OH YEAH...............

Everyone wants the DIRTY LOWDOWN as to what have I got , and why I am here!

Well, the docs are rapidly determining everything I do NOT have, but can't seem to determine what I do have!

I took a turn for the worse tonight, hence, I am wide awake and plugged back up again to oxygen. Every four hours I have to go through this whole big regime of plugs and drugs and face masks and nebulizers. Then I try to rest in between all the therapists and docs and specialists that drop in when ever and start working on me. I don't seem to get much sleep at all, I just cat nap.

We were trying to ween me off the oxygen and I have been walking up and down the halls and out to the veranda, but it leaveds me weak and speachless at times. Plus I spend alot of time trotting to the ladies room which is down the hall about 60 feet or so one way.

I keep brushing my teeth to kill the bad tastes the pills and drips and drops leave behind.

I got mermaid sickness or something that is baffling everyone.

I am sooooooooooooooooo homesick.

I am sooooooooooooooooo sad.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo scared.

M arm is falling off and black and blue from all the IV's and needles and stuff hanging out everywhere.

Ok, I try to go nite nite again.

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