Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JULY 21 2009

Up since dark thirty and internet is down again.

Two hours later...
It's a stormy looking day, but no rains yet, but at 7am we have strong gusty breezes and it's already 83 degrees. I'm on my 2nd jumbo coffee, willing the internet to wake up. Ha ha ha!

Last week BVI elec-tricky fried my surge protector and my TV. Ugh. Of course silly me prepaid my cable bill. Double ugh, or I would just forget the TV, but I must admit when my eyes are too tired for reading and it's the middle of the night, I have a bad habit of watching movies with the cats, if they are around.

Speaking of cats, they are all laying around this morning looking extremely exhausted. I guess they were out partying all night. Maybe they are expecting stormy weather today and have tucked in for the duration.

I'm going through my old emails to see if I missed answering any. It happens. I noticed my file cabinet ate my archives. Horrors! I have backups somewhere, but restoring them overwrites the current files. Grrr...

I can never seem to catch up with technology. My current emails go back to April, so heavens, I must check them all to see if they've been answered. If you sent me an email since April, don't be bashful about writing again, if you didn't get a reply.

Three hours later...
Internet is up! Skies are still pretty gloomy and kitties are tucked away, one on the bed and one on the top shelf of the closet, another is stashed inside the bookcase, where I have left a small cat sized shelf empty.

It appears that a tropical wave is passing over us now, and it's certainly getting darker rather than lighter, so many we have rain on the way. We are super green with cisterns almost full. Heavy rains and gusty winds are predicted, and we already have the gutsy winds *giggle* and the rains may soon-come!

830am and I am emailing this if all goes well!

Sahara Haze on the horizon, click here to enlarge.

Millions of people across Asia will witness the longest total solar eclipse that will happen this century, as vast swaths of India and China, the entire city of Shanghai and southern Japanese islands are plunged into darkness Wednesday for about five minutes. More info.

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