Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009 07 30 1009pm one handed again

BRIBES WORKS TOO.... more on that later...

i need to write a sad country song about typing one handed in a too armed world...

I appreciate u bearing wiff me on my posts. trying to find the humor amongst such sadness, trying to make life funny, no wonder they say "die laughing!"

my dress is on backwards

i noticed but couldn't do anything about it,

the scary thought is,

it still FITS...

no one else has noticed tee hee hee, or they figure its par for the course...or they are too polite to mention it...

or lets face facts, it's too much trouble to change it around right, so no one cares...

my clean dress came back from the laundry, so at some point, I will shower and wiggle out of the backward dress and try the other one.

After over a week, I am tired of my 2 bit wardrobe,


shall I wear the blue abstract dress or the green Monet dress?

Hmm, which matches my skin better today, the blue or the green?

Every chance I get, I make a tall plastic cup of sun tea in the window, sometimes I can get someone to bring me ice and bask in the luxury of real iced tea, but mostly, I drink it room temperature and am grateful as hell to have shelter, food and tea, no matter what form it takes.

Sure the food is curious here much of the time, well not if you like loads of grease, super tough meats, and lots of white stuff (white bread, white cream of what, white pasta, the white rice, the white fake smashed potatoes, white lettuce, white tomato, etc)

They must have somebody around here itching to practice their enema technique...

They HEAVILY encourage your family to bring you food and to feed you too if you can't feed yourself. I see some dedicated family members that come and spoon feed their loved ones every day. Now THAT is true love. Brings tears to my eyes.

The BIG MALE ANGEL CHEF drove miles out of his way, called me up again and said "Psssssssst! Mermaid! Meet me out front!" and he brought me a big pile of veggies and salad and a big bowl of soup and it was better than dying to go to heaven!

I woke up one night, and the nurse bent over me in a traditional uniform and her name was the same as the nurse who worked with my family doctor for umpteen years.... Was it real or an angel or a BIG coincidence? She took such gentle care of me. An angel. A real angel.

we inhale them, we snort them, we breathe them, we swallow them, we run them up our veins, and just about any other method, we are on drugs here, it's like hanging out with a bunch of junkies...

We're not going cold turkey, we're digging in deeper until our bodies are rivers of poisons, sent there to kill all the other poisons... no wonder I am high as a kite much of the time, wondering how I got here, and when will I be strong enough to go home?


I have to double my strength and then HOME I go, ho ho ho! Plus, I plan to go cold turkey off these doctor induced drugz......

They accidentally gave me SOMETHING that turned my teeth BRIGHT white! Sheesh, what luck, I guess! I thought it was my imagination, but then my friend came to visit and said WOW, you have dental work done here too? And I said, um, no, I just paid a BRIBE to get a toothbrush... (yes it's TRUE, more on bribes later...)

She said they looked fantastic and I said, well I thought they looked whiter in the mirror too, but figured I was SEEING things.

She looked closely and said THEY ARE WHITE WHITE , like it was prof done!

GOSH, a miracle! I LOVE IT!

I was crying about some of my hair falling out, but if it made my teeth turn white.... well let me speak to the devil about this latest barter...

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  1. Thinking of you and for you at this difficult time.

    'Luv Frenchie


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