Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 07 25 See the Comedy 913am

Breakfast arrived for everyone but me. That's OK, my dear friend from Minnesota and East End, came and brought me my favorite, a bunch of vanilla yogurt. So at 5am, when the nurse was done beating me up, slapping my feet, slapping my arms, slapping my face, I ate one of those and it was delicious.

But three hours later, I watch everyone else eat breakfast while I pretend not to notice. My stomach takes note and sends up a ferocious embarrassing growl. Everyone stares at me. I apologize. Someone says "Where's your breakfast?"

"I think they ran out of them" I reply. A new nurse starts checking and asking around. Turns out three people are missing breakfast. Meanwhile, my new neighbor has announced she doesn't do cheese and has passed me her slice of cheese with a slice of tomato and faint wisp of white iceberg lettuce. I thank her profusely.

Another half hour goes by and breakfast arrives. It's a cup of hot Ovaltine, a shot cup of apple juice, a whole weenie and a half of weenie, torn in half, the other half is missing. Like someone was hungry and ripped off half of the weenie. *giggle* A piece of pale toast, a slice of tomato and a wisp of iceburg. For condiments are sugar and grape jelly.

I toss the sugar and grape jelly in my bag of condiment stash, then rummage around and find a catsup and a mustard. I garnish the pale toast with catsup on one side and mustard on the other, I slice up the weenie and make a sandwich of sorts with the iceburg and tomato.

I've learned they give you curious condiments which each meal, so I save them and then hopefully you can trade them out later.

I've VERY tired now. I go sleep.

No bowl of white stuff today! Hmm... guess they ran out.

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