Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 07 28 707am Tuesday


I've been here a WEEK? Whose idea was this? Where did the time go? Is my life wasting away that quickly?

The angels are winning again! I haven't made it out the door, neither vertical nor horizontal, I just seem to be in a holding pattern with the angels, fighting off the devils and praying for miracles.

By now we have a long list of everything I don't have, I am perplexing the docs. They wanted me to have this nice compact easy list of things and send me on my way, but it hasn't worked out that way. Mermaids are not common enough for them to know their special ailments.

As I try to piece together my past medical health, it comes back to me in bits and pieces, I typically avoid docs and do my own things, but I've been forced into medical care before, just trying to remember it all.

Not all my living has been in vain. Sure I have some bad habits but I do have some really good habits too, and they have paid off. Much to the shock of the doctors, I do NOT have high blood pressure, no diabetes, nor heart disease. My cholesterol is surprisingly low, I don't have AIDS or any STD's or hepatitis. I'm not having a new little miss mermaid *giggle*.

In spite of my numerous past fights with kidney disease, my kidneys are proving rather strong while the liver seems a bit problematic. My breathing is at half mast and my white blood cell count is way too high and rather bothersome. There are more symptoms, I won't get into here, it is all so BORING!

A long list of chemicals and drugs are dumped in my veins about 18 hours of the day, nebulizers about 8 times a day and oxygen much of the rest of the time. Sometimes, I escape all the confines of needles, IV's face masks and oxygen prongs and head for the glorious veranda!

Specialists come by and work on various parts of my body, trying to make me well and whole again. I am avoiding the wheel chair, but walking is wearing me out but now they let me have oxygen after I exercise, so this might work out. I have to get STRONG and go home!

I cry, I miss my kitties. I miss my life.

I go take my St John's Wort and it will cheer me up again.

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  1. I am praying for you recovery. I have been a fan of your post for at least 4 years, maybe more. I can not go a day without checking in on my favorite mermaid. I heard honey and cinnamon has many healing benifits. Do I need to hop the next plane and bring ya some? Any excuse to come down Island I will jump on it. I bet the kitties miss you so much.Get well soon.



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