Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 07 25 2:54pm Satudaze, still alive and kicking with chocolate

I've had IV's and nebulizers and oxygen and antibiotics and water reducers and steroids and anthing else they can think to prop me up with.

ANother friend came by, terrififed of the place, so we rushed out to the balcony and giggled about the state of things. My ward was freshly painted at least 14 years ago... so what's a few stains and battle wounds here and there...

Lunch today was sticky white rice with some kind of chopped up bones with greasy bits of fat and protein clinging to it. I was told it was turkey by the respiratory therapist, but then the vampire came by and said it was pork, but later the sharpshooter said it was mutton. Everyone was commenting, becuase I kept poking at it, but not tasting it, I want to eat real healthy. (Ha ha ha, and in a hospital too!)

Sooooooooooooo............ I ate the corn on the cob and the sliced melon, it wasn't ripe yet, but man it tasted GOOD. All I want is veggies and fruits and salads and vanilla yogurt.

We snuck by the prison warden (security) and made it to the front porch before he chased me down. I showed him I had ID to get back in again and he relented and I introduced my friend who was NOT going back in, as she couldn't stomach it (that's OK!)

We sat in the sunshine and it felt so GOOD! And she brought me chocholate cookies! YIPPIE! And she brought some food from the oriental place, easily identifiably vegetables and chicken, so YAHOO! I am sooooooooooooooo lcuky to be alive.

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