Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 07 24 Ooopsy 907pm Friday

I posted a nice long post earlier and cyber world ate it.

Or maybe I dreamed it.

tsk tsk tsk

I don't have AIDS or Swine Flu.

The docs are puzzled with my condition. I'm still very weak. My friend Lori took me out to the porch today in front of the hospital, it was nice to go outside!

They were supposed to send me with my portable oxygen thingy, but we decided to try it on our own. All went well, sort of, then I started coughing and got real weak so Lori had to push me back in ,and I had to plug the oxygen back in.

The doc said I have a "a whole wall of oxygen" when they put me here. Not sure what that was about, but sure enough I am plugged into a whole wall of oxygen.

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