Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 46 and no hurricanes JULY 16 2009

85 f degrees and the Sahara Dust has created quite a thick haze over us. We need a load of rain to settle the dust and literally, clear the air, but none seems on the horizon.

Sun is out but the haze is making the sky grayish-bluish, typical for this time of year. The Sahara is thicker in the summer than the winter, though now seems to be a year round phenomenon, thanks to SUV's and large 4wd vehicles. They scar the desert's protective surface layer, releasing dust into passing winds. Desert Farts! Now there's a giggle!

Who would have thought the camel would be replaced by a SUV's and that the SUV would do so much damage, worldwide? Of course the BVI is notorious for our large SUV population, sadly many are driven with one person only in the entire vehicle and few seem to stop for hitchhikers. It's usually the old cars, the people who remember what it was/is like to have to hitchhike daily to and from work, that tend to stop and grab the hitchhikers.

More women than men seem to hitchhike here. Whether that is a reflection on lower wages for women offered here, or that so many women here are raising children alone, and they often work more than one job to accomplish that feat that there isn't enough in the budget to provide for all and support a car.

We don't have much in the way of public transportation here. We do have plenty of busses for the tourists to ride and sight see. Not sure how we ended up with this lopsided skew.

Back to the Sahara Dust, it is being blamed for some of the destruction of our Coral Reefs, (very sad indeed!)

It is also noted that when the dust lands on the sea, it encourages plankton growth which eats carbon monoxide and cools the ocean, so perhaps presence of the Sahara Dust means less chance of a hurricane.

I like the term desert farts better than Sahara dust! Either way it tends to give us colorful sunrises and sunsets some days.

A few tropical waves east of us seem to offer up no threat at this time.

I know I owe you some beautiful pictures, I just need to locate camera and cord, at same time and download some I took recently!
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