Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 47 of Hurricane Season

Another tropical wave southwest of the Cape Verde islands. Nothing happening yet, but it gives us something to watch and ponder. Here it is 86 degrees with beautiful blue waters and a sky that is slowly turning back to baby boy blue with white clouds. I guess the Sahara dust decided to give us a break, though last night at 4am it seemed especially vicious.

The electricky boyz have been working in front of my home, destroying my nice view with two super tall ugly utility poles recently erected at two different heights. Makes you wonder if they are buried the correct depth. Now they are going up and down in their cherry picker, decorating the poles with various ceramic and metallic accoutrements. A real shame the BVI doesn't start thinking about underground utilities. These poles are the tallest on the street below, not sure why they aren't uniform with the rest, but Tortola is full of mysteries.

My muffler fell off my heap of a jeep. I don't know how or why. The guys love it, they say my car sounds real GOOD! So funny. Meanwhile, I drive around with mufflers on my ears...

HURRY up and do your business in the BVI because the Festival is around the corner and NOTHING will get done after that. Entrance fees for festival are $20 per person this year. Many folks are crying foul as times are tough for many these days. Plus we will have THREE public holidays in a row (August 3-4-5) so banks and businesses will be closed for 5 days in a row!

The BVI courts close up for the entire month of August. Many businesses will close when carnival opens, some will stay closed for 4-6-8 weeks, others will re-open after carnival. Many people take month long holidays and vacations to far flung ports or to their birth country.

Washed Ashore in a French Wine bottle was a picture of this Mermaid, supposedly from 1420?
The Mermaid from 1420, click to enlarge

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