Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday already! Day 44 of no hurricanes (or himmacanes!)

84 degrees, wafty trade winds, low humidity, but that could change. A bit hazy on the horizon *cough, cough, cough*. No doubt the Sahara dust again. Take a look at today's image and YIKES, you see a blast of the stuff is on our horizon.

Two tropical waves are east of us, but no threat at all, at this time.

My TV died, I was in bed for 2 days with a fever, the current come, the current go (Current = elec-tricky) ditto for the internet and phone service. With carnival around the corner, the islands will soon come to a screeching halt and many will think of nothing but partying.

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Found in a French Wine Bottle, Washed up on the Shore, was this Message in a Bottle:
Quoting Miss Mermaid (from the other day)
'Why is it the MEN always do these foolish things and not the women? Are we just naturally born with better common sense?'................be careful mi dear otherwise you may lose a good part of your readership. 'Luv Frenchie

Ok Frenchie, I'll admit women do foolish things too. Being a mermaid and being female, I couldn't resist poking fun... Women may not set out in gale force conditions to go sailing, but we do insist our toenails are painted up nicely before setting foot on deck...

A whole boatload of avid sailors, could be delayed while a female is making sure her pedicure is up to snuff.

And while universally any sailor may drink because the yard arm is past 5 somewhere in the world, the women will generally insist the libation include a cocktail napkin or a cozy cup or a proper wine vessel or coordinating hors d'oeuvres, while men are happy to just drink out of the can or bottle, without the added accoutrements.

Men may jump aboard a boat going anywhere, just for sport, and never once worry about the head (toilet) women generally won't set foot on a boat, unless they know there IS a head and it's functional and it has toilet paper sufficient for the trip.

So, Frenchie, I didn't mean to insult the male populace, as much as to poke fun, and now I've poked a lot of fun at the female sailors, and will no doubt hear about THAT too!

Dear Missy Mermaid,One of the neat weather tools you can download from NASA is totally free.There is a learning curve with this program and you need to have a high speed connection to the internet to make it work properly.
Here it tis, it’s called World Wind 1.4 developed by NASA, not a big program, but it gives a ton of information. Be patient with the program the first time you bring it up, a lot of flickering and fluttering before it comes on line. If you make the Earth too large, close out the program and restart.
There are several forums for add on programs and technical help with the program, located here.
Look at your location and notice the cloud pattern in your area depending on which satellite used, may be in real time. You could see those big time sand storm coming at you.Regards,Jim K
THANK YOU Jim K! I will look into this, as no doubt many other readers will too. I appreciate new links and will notify http://www.WeatherBVI.com to add this useful tool to their long list of links.
Click here: Cats Control Humans These researchers went to great lengths to prove what we cat lovers already know, cats own us and control us. Sure you can train them. Mine wouldn't dare scratch my furniture or my skin, they've been trained this is not good and can make a mermaid do her crazy act on them (which is very scary!). I trained them that cars with motors running are evil and to be avoided at all costs and roads are the work of the devil and likewise should be dodged. But let's face it, they've trained me to be the butler, to answer the door, to find the grooming brush, to rub a belly until kitty sleeps, to top up the feed bowl on demand and to pass out the catnip when they are bored.

They think the big bed was bought for their pleasure and how one 9 pound cat can stretch himself out over three feet long to sleep, is a Houdini trick only they can master.

While I was off island, lost in the land of waterfalls, my housemate fed the cats. They know the sound of their car, run to meet it, then escort them down to the kitchen, l(est they get lost) and then do a dance, much like being circled by sharks until their food and water bowls are topped up to their satisfaction. I say sharks, because proud happy cats walk around with their tail straight up in the air. When three of them want food at once, they tend to circle one endlessly, tails in the air, as if I to say "We are the furry land sharks, you cannot escape us until we are gratified with food!"

As I write this, I watch my smallest cat, climb up into the loveseat, bathe himself, then lay down and stretch out from end to end, leaving no room for beast or human. Is he made out of elastic? How does one tiny cat do that? I wish I could stretch myself skinny!

Bet you are a poet and ya just don't know it!
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