Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Subject: Saturdaze in the BVI JULY 11 2009

Sun is setting soon, it's cloudy in the West so not so spectacular tonight. It's been a summery 86 F degrees all day with gentle winds, same for tonight, those winds could slow down further and we would prefer they keep blowing.

I'm keeping everyone confused. I left island and forgot to change my phone message and of course my BVI cellular phone wouldn't work anywhere else. *sigh* A few days later, I realized my gaffe and changed my message that me and the phone were both out of range and to wait a week or two and I might be back in the area and all would be fine again.

Meanwhile messages were piling up. I came home dead tired and with a fever and apparently slept right through the phone which was now piling up even more messages. Finally today, I realized I needed to download the messages and I was in for a shock. Now I still need to change the message, that I am home again, and just now getting around to returning calls.

I am so confused. I now have simplified my life to remembering 3 things each day (the same three things) my keys, my eyeglasses and something else.

Oh well, so much for remembering three things each day.

Oh yeah, the phone! Remember the phone! Take it with me, it works now. Ah ha!

Still I lost Thursday or Friday, as I am shocked it's Saturday, how did that happen? I think I slept through a day or something. I had a fever that kept me real confused. I'm still confused.

I unplugged everything before I left, computer and office equipment, Tv, cable box, stereo, all that stuff. Came home, plugged it all back in. The elec-tricky had a zap and guess what.

They zapped my TV and laptop. *sigh*

That's life in the islands. Stuff just breaks and it isn't your fault, but still it's broke.

I ran in to my mechanic friend who is an avid fisherman now that he is semi-retired. I asked him what his new phone number was. He said oh he hasn't got a new phone yet. His fell overboard out of his fishing boat about 8 months ago and he keeps meaning to get a new phone but just hasn't got around to it.

I know the feeling.

Sometimes you are so tired of your toys breaking, that you just give up on owning any. Less toys, less stress. I do sort of miss my TV in the middle of the night when I sometimes wake up and can't sleep but am still too tired to get up and work. I found out the most interesting movies and shows sometimes come on in the wee hours.

The cats and I have seen many a strange show at 2 and 3am. But I have so much to do now, and not enough hours each day to do it! So I am plenty busy and not worrying about lack of TV. Just that the cable works. It's a shame the cable works and the TV doesn't. usually it's the other way around.

My TV actually does work somewhat, it come on, and 2-5 minutes later it shuts down. It might come back on in 10 minutes or 2 hours, then shut down a few minutes later. Gosh, it's almost TWO YEARS OLD!

It's just a little tiny thing, but still it cost a fortune, what with the 20% duty on freight and price and the retail markup on top of all that. I guess I was lucky the two yeas it worked. Maybe I will toss it in the shop and see if they can spark it back to life.

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