Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 07 27 Angels are Coming!

All that prayer is wroking. The angels are taking over it seems. This morning, no one slapped me and yelled at me. Instead the BRIGHT lights were turned on at 5am, and I hid my face under the pillow. A few monutes later a sweet gentle voice suggested I needed to be plugged back into everythig, I had slept a glorious 3-4 hours with only the nose oxygen and I was feeling rather smitten with myself.

I mumbled something about needing the restroom and slept walk rather unsteadilyh to the ladies room and back. While in the ladies room it occurred otme they might steal my top sheet and I becanme alarmed and willed my body to hurry up and get me back to bed. Upon my reutnr, it was time to swallow pills, then be plugged into everything and a mask over my face and back to the prison of my bed. I sat down and meditated, holkding very tightly to my coveted sheet.

I watched the sun come on over the mountain in bright red hues through the Van Gough plastic. It was rather dramatic. See this ward was only recently air-conditioned. The jalouise windows were cleaned and then shut. The screen window frames had their screens removed and replaced with clear plastic, which was then reinstalled. So instead of getting a clear picgture of the outside world, the plastic skews it, just like a Vincent Van Gough Painting!


  1. Very sorry to hear you're so unwell that you had to spend the past few days in hospital. Hope you recover soon, and back on form.

    Greetings from a decidedly non-tropical Stornoway in Scotland

  2. Dear Miss Mermaid,

    I am so sorry to hear that they are treating you so badly in the hospital! I have been there and know how hard it is to deal with people who should not be in the "caring for people" profession.

    Please get better soon! I will be in your neck of the woods in two weeks and will feel better knowing that you are back home with your kitties while I am there!

    Take care, Traci
    Clover, SC

  3. I am here through ADB. Wishing you better really soon and hoping you will be back home in double quick time.


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