Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 07 25 658pm Saturdaze


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The wardens, oops nurses! come around to fill out our charts hanging off the beds. Mine chart is bent up on one corner, turned on another and it looks like it was thrown out the window, run over by the ambulance and returned to dangle off the end of my bed precariously.

They've drawn a strange chart across it, like I am a stock in decline.

Lori showed up and we snuck out to the porch and had homemade ice-cream from the Italian place, um, will think of name, um La Dolce Vita (the sweet life!). Nothing like sitting out on an arched porch in the hot summer time having this heavenly chocolate chip ice cream tossed in with vanilla.

Lori has a tiny foxy figure and me not so. No fair! I told her I couldn't possibly eat all that ice cream and then she pulled out a huge bowl for herself. Oh my! Such a treat. Well, guess what we are chatting away and then suddenly the ice cream is all gone! I guess mine all melted, ha ha ha, tee hee hee.

Then incredibly we noticed the guard kept nervously pacing by, the REAL guard, this hospital has serious security (is it because of my fame from my latest book?) Hey I must be HIGH on meds now...

Actually I need everyone to buy 10 books for their friends or ask their friends to buy 10 books or something like that. The links for buying the book mail order or locally is:

I may need to sell a few thousand to pay for this major BOO BOO! Har har har.

OK so the guard kept coming by us and then the BIG BAD WOLF came and ordered me back inside! But, but, but, I need the FRESH AIR! I need the love of my friend! These are all very healing (not to mention the fresh homemade ice cream that does not have any nasty stuff in it like big bad chemicals!)

Control freaks, we reluctantly go back inside, and they are pushing pills at me, plugging in IV's then, covering my face with a mask, and I am trapped back in bed again, attached to the accouterments. Then they plop down dinner, like I am supposed to eat with all this covering my face?

har har har!

I need my suntan back, I need to get well, I need to go to Slab City...

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