Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 10 2009

Very summery here. The Sahara Haze is in full force. Summer camps and the children are out on the waters, learning all manner of skills from sailing to surfing to Scuba diving. What a life!

84 degrees and breezy, no hurricanes, no himmacanes. Guess if we can't have a hurricane party, then we can have a Foxys party! Saturday night, July 11th, special ferries are running from West End Tortola to Foxys at 6pm, 8pm, 10pm and then back to West End after the show is over.

Life's a Beach! (click to see full size)

Hi Miss Mermaid,

Your report about the owner of the yacht leaving Southport showed someone who is reckless.

You might find this story inspiring about a woman sailing around Britain. Nothing surprising in that you might say? Well she is a quadriplegic! Hilary Lister has a degenerative disease, but not wanting to just give up on life she decided to sail around the coast of Britain.

Read her story: http://www.hilarylister.com/


Frank (Nevis Stormcarib reporter)

Frank, THANKS for sharing! Have a Ting and a Swing on me! When I lived in St Kitts, every afternoon we had a Ting and a Swing, or that's what we called it then, back in the dark ages, it was basically equal portions of Ting and CSR (Cane Spirit Rothschild).
PLUSEQUALS a "Ting & a Swing"

I looked up Hilary's story and she plans to set sail today! Fair winds my friend!


This article and the various incredulous statements are hilarious! Only in the BVI...
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WHOA! $20 entry fee this year in Carrot Bay Fiesta, I hope the Donkey Races are still free!
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