Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 07 27 423pm angels everywhere

I focus on angels now. Bring on the angels! Repel the devils!

It ain't easy but the angels are winning!

I had 2 different girlfriends come by from yet 2 more countries. I never realized what an international life I live down here.

One brought me comforts like a serious EYE patch thingy so now I can officially block out the super bright lights at night.

Another brought me the yogurt I so desperately need to tolerate the mountains of drugs I am doing here. I feel like one big toxic pit! And comfort cookies and apple juice reinforcements.

The other day my dear friend snuck in my much needed accoutrement's like some St Johns Wort and she introduced me to some healing Enchinacea tea, which I make at least twice if not more daily. Plus she bought me a hair brush, I was beginning to scare the other patients.

Angels everywhere!

But some of you may know I had a serious head injury resulting from a brutal attack a few months ago, and it affects my something now and then, um MEMORY, tee hee hee, har ah rhar .

Seriously I think it's getting better, I make notes and lists and lose them now and spend the day trying to rememeber what was I doing next or last or , tee hee hee, har har har...

Certain parts of my memory are fine. Certain functions I do without any trouble at all. But them other things... go awry in the strangest way.


I'm not allowed to touch the refrigerator here, so I have to ask permission for someone else to put my yogurt or juice in the fridge and get it back out again. So I piled up the yogurt in a bag. Found my pen. Searched for surgical tape. Found that. Put my name on the tape, put the tape on the bag, then as a second thought, I decided to put yogurt on the label too on the baggy.

As there is always mass confusion when I ask for my yogurt. Now the tape decides to split into 4 pieces like bad cheap toilet paper does when you are trying to start a new roll? So now I am trying to unroll enough tape and start over. Grrr.......

By now I look like a very bad comedy routine, fighting with this surgical tape, as it tears the word YOGURT in half horizontally for me. I tear off strips of tape and hiss and groan and finally get a whole piece of tape off after tearing off about two dozen teeny tiny strips. (Is this occupational therapy or what???)

I stick it on the desk, write out YOGURT and stick it on the bag. I hand it over at the nurse's station and they promise to get it in the fridge.

I wander back to my bed, stick on the oxygen and settle down. They come over with needles and stuff and start doing the pin cushion thing.

I look around for my phone and I don't see it. I unplug the oxygen and get up and check my cabinet and cookies and tea bag box and thoroughly search for my phone. It was in the bathroom with me, but so was the yogurt and cookies and no one came in and I don't think I called anyone.

I search in my bed, under my bed, the cabinets, the bags, the cookies, the garbage.

Sheepishly I shuffle up to the nurses desk and announce I think my phone is in the refrigerator with the yogurt. I can't find it anywhere else, and well, I was hit on the head and I sometimes lose things this way and mumble bumble mumble bumble........

They nurse comes back with my rather chilly phone and I shuffle back to bed.

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  1. I want to move to the BVI and have been trying to see if there is a job I can do. I now have it! I can come and take over the kitchen at the hospital!! I am a great cook... used to make a fancy hot lunch for 250 seniors every Friday and they LOVED me... even got a proposal of marriage out of it... never mind he was about 90 or that I was married at the time!!

    It doesn't sound as if I could do much worse than what's already there....

    Love and prayers,


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