Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 07 28 More Angels Arrive...

An angel (my dear sweet friend whom I am eternally grateful for!) came at happy hour and we had treats (ham, Swiss cheese, crackers, olives) on the veranda and I felt like a MERMAID again. Even had ICED TEA (Unsweetened Iced Green Tea is my all time favorite drink!)

Well, next to Rum and Rain, Jack Daniels, Jaegermeinster and all that other oh so fun stuff I'll probably be taking a vacation from... tee hee hee... cough cough cough...

It was fun to feel like LIFE, not like death. We avoided medical talk mostly (thank goodness) and giggled about other's exploits. (FUN!) Munching at happy hour while the sun gently set, and I thought, heck, this is almost like living again!

I am trying prayer, giggles, drugs, herbs, chanting, hypnosis, ANYTHING here to get well and get my life back!

Finally happy hour was over and my angel was gone and I wandered back down to my bed, where I knew the powers over me were waiting in the sides, to pounce on me and sure enough they did.

I am hacking and coughing and turning blue from the giggles and the walk back, they are plugging in my IV's and face mask and disbursing pills, which I managed down without a fight and then the big needles and the pin cushion and lately we don't even argue over the arms anymore, they let me keep my good one now and I let them completely ruin my other one.

I had just settled in, like a marionette, all strung up, when another Angel came in. A few day ago, she came in and fed her friend, then prayed for her. She spoke to me as on that day, every one had company hovering by their side, except me. I spoke back to her and next thing I know she is praying over my bed.

So tonight she came, we chatted and I kept laughing and hacking and coughing and, several times the attendants ran over and told me to settle down while they cranked up the drugs. But laughter is healing (if it doesn't send you into wild conniptions!)

My angel kept saying "don't laugh!" and I would laugh even harder like a silly child, I just felt so HIGH from happy hour or drugz or life or death or lack of oxygen! So my angel came over and started praying over me and I didn't laugh. PRAY! I silently rejoiced in my brain! BRING ME ANGELS!

Bring on the angels! Get me out of here vertically, not horizontally!

By the way, not all angels are females, I've had male angels, and more on that later.



Good lord, how did the DEVIL get me again? Now we are arguing (NEVER good...)

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