Monday, August 03, 2009

2009 08 03 611am Angels Hard At Work!

Angels keep coming by to ask about my room and my comfort. I thought the staff would forget me and I would be here all alone struggling, but no. I was wrong (AGAIN!)

The staff keeps coming by at all hours to bring me meds and check on me.

I STILL don't know HOW I ended up in a private room!

It feels GREAT because the A/C is working in here and yesterday it broke in the hall, making it pretty hot. I didn't complain or anything, just kept taking showers to cool off and sitting out on the veranda.

I keep the door to my room open all the time. I don't want to be totally isolated. I know since I have been living in the hall, this door has been closed, I had NO idea it was a private room lurking behind the closed door. I just figured it was somebody's office or something.

This morning an angel came in and wanted to know if it was too cold for me and if I was having trouble breathing and I said "ARE YOU KIDDING? This feels GREAT!"

Heck, maybe nobody thought to climb up on the furniture and fix the thermostat, ten feet from the floor...

I haven't checked this shower, but I did fix the shower down the hallway. It was reduced to a tickle of a trickle. I took it apart, one day, and cleaned out the hunk of rust and put it back on, and it works almost like a regular shower now.

The commode seat is busted off in here. No idea why. Maybe somebody threw a temper tantrum. Mysteries abound... It was laying in the floor in several pieces when I discovered there was a private bath here!

More pills arrived, but the pile is shrinking. I am going cold turkey on the pills too, tee hee hee.

At least that is what I understood from the docs the other day. Let's take me off ALL medication then see what my white cells are doing next!

But the meds keep pouring in, so I might have misunderstood.

Heck, I fly HIGH so often, it's hard to tell what's going on.

I'm just so GRATEFUL they haven't forgot about me down here.

The paint is fresh, the curtains are clean, the bed is the softest, nicest bed I have ever been in.

I even have TWO chairs in case I get a visitor. WOW!

I still have NO idea how I went from the crowded hallway to the serenity of this!

Must be ANGELS, must be angels!

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