Sunday, August 09, 2009

2009 08 09 650pm Staying ALIVE!

Living here ain't easy...

When the toilet paper ran out and no one could find any, I found myself creeping around the hallways at 2am, in search of toilet paper SOMEWHERE...

I found some and snuck it back to my room, unnoticed, like a GOOD pirate.

I need SOMETHING to blow my nose on... and wipe my um.... body parts...


Around 3 am, I wake up to the noise of a cleaning person, installing paper towels in my bathroom. I notice later it is 20% full and the paper towel holder by the sink outside my room is about 30% full now. I don't know WHY they just don't fill the holders up 100% full...

I overheard the Docs talking about my charts and one asked the other why she keeps changing my meds. She explains that whatever meds I was on, keep running out and she has to switch me over to whatever is in stock, so I've been on a roller coaster of changing drugs...

INVENTORY management seems to be a major problem around here.

I was issued ONE old towel for bathing. When I turn it in for washing, then I don't have a towel at all, until it comes back from the laundry. So some days I either have to skip my bath or "air dry" or use too many paper towels to try to dry off. The paper towels are these rough folded things they put in locked dispensers, a few at a time.

Someone emailed me hinting around that I must be on the Funny Farm for crazy folks. Well truth be told, they have NO provision here for psych patients other than a locked hospital room where, well, um, they lock up any mentally ill person until they figure out where to ship them next.

As soon as possible, they either ship them back home or ship them off island or send them back on the street. Once in a great while they ship them off island for mental help.

But that is rare.

I have free roaming 24/7 so I hardly qualify as a mentally ill person. On the other hand, I can't get very far, in the condition I am in.

TODAY I was dizzy THREE times, and I did not like that at all.

The security guards apparently keeps tabs on me, as when Docs or Nurses or Therapists are looking for me and I am not in my bed, a security guard approaches me and tells me "THEY are looking for you..."

It's a polite way of being told "Back to bed!"

THEY always tell us patients "went home" even when they die.

Late one night, it was very hot and I couldn't sleep. I went to take a long cool shower and do my hair. When I came back, one of the patients in the hall with me was gone. I could see all her personal things were gone too. I asked about her and they said "Went home!" and then pretended to be VERY busy with paperwork.

Who goes home from the hospital at 2AM???


  1. dear ms mermaid,
    i am a new reader. i like your blog. and your cats. i am sorry about your mysterious illness.

    if you will send an address i will gladly send you a care package. i will not include any anonymous, mushy white stuff.

    did i mention i like reading your blog? but it makes me a little bit sad.

  2. Sending thoughts of good health and wishing you a speedy recovery - soon!

    A new reader and cat lover who is sooooo enjoying learning about you through your blogs...just sorry that you are so sick, Linda


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