Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Scream Heard Around the Neighborhood

I told the nurse yesterday how tired I was all the time and something is wrong with me or the medicines I am on. Also, I am having trouble getting OFF the hospital schedule. I wake up at 4am expecting meds and finger pricks and blood pressure cuffs and so on.

I often just get up, take round one of all the meds, which require me to eat within 30 minutes, so I make a small breakfast, eat that, then since it's still dark, I either write awhile or snooze awhile or watch something like a video on the computer or a show on TV. No matter what I do, I get tired within the hour and fall back asleep.

So I woke up (again) at 9am, thinking I would shower, haul the garbage, mail off the rent, pick up the local mail, go see the nurse who said she had more of my staph infection meds for me, which I desperately need as my left arm still looks pitiful. It's much improved, just pitiful.

I have learned long ago, to LOOK inside bathtubs and showers before leaping into them. For some reason, the cats favor that as a spot for treats.

Well, there was a baby rat (shown above!) in the shower floor. Which by the way, the landlord's rental agent promised to regrout the shower floor nearly 2 years ago, and hasn't done it yet. But the lying witch can't keep her word on anything! So nothing new there.

With the grout falling out, it's very hard to clean, more grout falls out and there is always gray/black stuff stuck in the grout ruts and my knees are bad, so the last thing on my list, is to get on knees with a toothbrush and scrub the shower floor. I figure if I mop it with a goodly dose of disinfectant, I am good to go.

Besides, I've made loads of expensive repairs to this basement apartment, and my thanks? The landlord's agent has asked for me to pay MORE rent and because I have refused, and keep paying the same old rent for nearly 2 years now (I haven't had this place long) she is taking me to court to evict me!

MORE stress heaped on me I don't need, but this has dragged on since her earnest harassment began last winter. Grrrrrrr..........

I hate to admit the truth, but Tortola has some SUPER GREEDY nasty people living here and many of them are involved in so called property management. We have NO laws to protect the tenant, so the SUPER GREEDY have taken over the business and it's like going up against the Mafia to do any business with them.

I don't now if the courts will be fair to me or not. Last winter when I went to court after being brutally attacked, I was treated like the criminal instead of the victim. Ditto for when my car was vandalized by the neighbor's son, not because he was mad at me, but he was tossing big heavy rocks at his parent and missing, and kept hitting my car windows until he smashed them out and left a huge dent in the roof. The courts didn't order any reimbusrsement and I was incredulous. The parent has since paid for some of the damage but not all. It's been a real mess, I didn't need.

These are all stressful things I surely do NOT need in my life. I try to smile and move forward, but it's hard when financially you are being torn apart by others!

These are things I don't mention much in the weather blog at as I don't want to sound like a sour puss, but it is my reality and I wonder WHAT HAPPENED?

All i can say is living on my sailboat were the best days of my life in the Caribbean!


Back to the baby rat, I got my long handled dust pan and short handled broom and managed to sweep up the dead creature and toss him out. Then I disinfected the shower floor in case the rat carried any deadly diseases and took my shower while a very proud cat wached; the hunter I imagine!

The scary thing is the cats usually slay the rats in multiples, this appeared to be a juvenile rat, so I expect the parents are soon to be slayed.

BVI elec-tricky just shut off da curent again. *sigh*. Glad I got my shower when I did as other wise I could not due to the cistern water pump. I've never hooked it up to my generator. I am going to get dressed and go try to do my errands, praying I don't get dizzy. There should be enough water in the lines to at least brush my teeth.


  1. Just a question because I am interested and because I have a dream (yes, at my age) to live on a catamaran in the BVI - if you owned your sailboat outright, wouldn't it have been cheaper to keep living aboard rather than paying rent now? Why did you give up your sailboat? If you want to email me instead of answering here, you can at

  2. Oh, and if you are bored and looking for some entertaining reading, I'd love it if you'd read my blog... as I am a faithful follower of yours. :)

    I hope you continue to gain strength. I am serious when I say, if you need a companion to live with you and help take care of things, I would love to be considered for that position. I would move there in a hearbeat.


  3. WOWIE! You've given me fodder for more posts! THANKS for reading and for posting! More coming your way soon, I am dead tired (almost) and about to search for my bed and collapse in it, remote in hand, sleep Tv timer on, as I am likely to be sound asleep in 30 minutes.

    I will definately check out your blog again!

    I would LOVE to have you here as a companion, but can you pay me well? *tee hee hee*

    Hope you don't mind things growing out of the sink, dead stuff in the shower and a heap of a jeep that roars like a hungry family of ferocious bears...


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