Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 08 11 623am Don't Let Grumpy Sleep

Since 4 am they have been poking and prodding me and waking me up. Heaven forbid I should try to sleep past 4am. It just depends on the night staff. Some are bound and determined that you NOT sleep on THEIR shift.

At some point I was in the bathroom when they came looking for me to stab my fingers and arm. I said "Excuse me I am in the bathroom!" The nurse OPENED my bathroom door and I slammed it back shut. Come on folks! You can wait a minute and let me pee in private. GOOD GRIEF!

I promise not to drop dead on the toilet if you will leave me in peace!

I came out and asked for clean sheets, mine looks awful and there is blood on them from all the stab wounds and the staff tells me they are out of sheets.

WHAT? How can this hospital ALWAYS be out of sheets when I ask for them?



I am tired.

I am working up my energy to go ask for my yogurt and pray there aren't any excuses today...

It's so unfair they wake you up every 20 minutes starting at 4am and then refuse to feed you until 8am.

Last night I couldn't finish my dinner because my tongue hurts so badly, so I wrapped up the leftovers and kept it by my bed. Later in the night, I was hungry and decided to fight with my food and try to get some more down.

Immediately some nurse comes running "I SMELL FOOD!" and she burts into my room like I've been caught in a den of thieves.

I just stared at her and said "I am trying to eat my dinner!"

Good grief. I am grumpy.

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  1. You know, after my visit to Tortola and Virgin Gorda this past February, I haven't been able to think of much else and have been trying to scheme up a way to come and live there.

    But this blog has shone the harsh light of reality on the idea. One tends to forget that it IS a third world country. If anything could make that clear, this experience of yours definitely has done that.


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