Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 08 10 918am What the Thuck Did I Do?

My thung still thurts. Breafast was pure thorture to theat. A weenie that was tho hard to chew and it hurt my thung. The bread was wheat but it was stale and THAT thurt too. Finally I thoaked the bread in the bwoiling thot milk.

THe nurse asked me why I was cwying and I said my thung thurt! Then I stuck my thung out at ther and she walked off in disgust!

The next nursthe walked by a thalf hour later and thasked me why I wasn't theating my bweakfast.

So I told her my thung thurt and stuck it out at ther and she walked off in discuss!

They wrote it on my tharts! "Patient is aggitated and incoherent, sticks tongue out at staff when asked a simple question!"


This thucks!


However, the cweaning lady dwagged a maintenance man into my bathroom and guess what!

They are installing a thoilet theat! YIPPEE!!!!

The thoilet theat has been broken for months. When I moved in here, it was broken and I didn't dare compwain, I was so thappy to have a bed and a thoilet, even if it had no theat.

Now I be STYLING mon, I got me a thoilet AND a THEAT and thoilet paper TOO! YIPPEE!!!

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  1. Hang in there! St Thomas is thinking about you and praying for you. I have read some of your posts. My fiance just got out of the hospital on St Thomas, he had a collapsed lung and infection. Being in the hospital is tough and lonely so we both send our love and best wishes and prayers. Feel free to email us any time!

    Melissa and Steve


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