Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 08 08 909pm New Arrivals

I watch the new arrivals. They seem far better organized than me.

The new patient has his eyeglasses, his shoes and nice luggage sitting in his lap as he is wheeled in.

Unlike me who arrived here barefoot, blind and in a dress that had been nice and clean in the morning but by the time I was put away in the hall late that night, was pretty foul.

But over the next few days, my neighbor assembled various parts of my life and dropped them off to me, so I eventually ended up with a pair of shoes, change of clothes, my laptop and days later, my eyeglasses.

Other friends brought in the much needed Apple Juice and Yogurts plus some funny snacky stuff to get me through the weird meals here *giggle*.

I used to be a smoker, now I have stopped cold turkey. I will never smoke again, the withdrawal is just far too painful! tee heee hee

I am NOT going through THAT again. I always wanted to be a nonsmoker and indeed some of my nonsmoking friends are shocked to find out I smoke... tee hee hee. I hid it from alot of folks and others knew anyhow. But now I don't smoke, and I am pretty darn happy.

Now I just want CHOCOLATE! tee hee hee!!!!

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