Monday, August 24, 2009


I was joking with a friend who spent a month in the hospital and she said WATCH OUT, it doesn't take long to become institutionalized. Well, after 22 days, my body is still on the hospital's. I wake up at 3-4 am, expecting bright lights and nurses to to check my vitals, rouse me for IV's and meds and nebulizers and finger poking and so on.

Then by daybreak I am ready to go back to sleep until the docs make rounds at 10 or 11 am. It's crazy!

I am so glad to be off that Lasix drug. The constipation and subsequent hemorrhoids was enough to make me think about slitting my throat. The apple cider vinegar has efficiently reduced me of any water gain and at the same time made me a bit more regular. I bought some Prune juice which has gently resolved the constipation problem. Now once the hemorrhoids shrink back into place and they should now that they are not being assaulted daily, then WHEW I might be fine.

My blurry vision has cleared right up too, another problem from the Lasiz. So I feel a bit more confident and might even drive somewhere, if I have to go anywhere. I haven't been dizzy much lately and I hope that was the Lasix and that now that problem is resolved too. WHEW.

I know many folks believe that drugs are the only answer, but when the side effects make your life unbearable, I think it's time to look for alternatives, preferably something all natural. I for one am NOT impressed with drugs and wish to get as far from them as possible.

My cat just shared Yogurt with me! Lately he wants whatever I am having, and now he seems to love yogurt, so funny. I call him the gourmet kitty, cause he always wants to try out human food. I've sen him eat some real spicy stuff too and never flinch, but cherry yogurt?

Like I said, it's HARD to get plain or vanilla yogurt here, so I had to settel for every flavor under the sun except those two. But I needed the yogurt, in any form possible, to keep my innards happy. Here again, the assualt of the remaining drugs is really doing a number on me.

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