Monday, August 03, 2009

2009 08 03 213am A Trained Seal

I woke up wondering where I am, nothing looked right. A nurse hovers over me. It's time for meds.

THAT's why I woke up.

Time for drugz.

The mattress is VERY comfy.

She straps a mask over my face and the meds pour in. I look like the devil snorting in the cold air!

The room has cooled down, my fever has left. Of course I was climbing up on a chair, balancing on one foot, to reach the thermostat, ten feet up the wall, praying, Lord, please don't let me fall down and BREAK anything. That sure would be embarrassing!

I don't know WHY I am in a room now. It sure feels nice. I miss watching all the activity of the hall.

The other patients that are ambulatory already KNEW I was moving, even before I did. It's a joke when I ran into them while strolling for the veranda "Party in my room!" tee hee hee.

One patient said he spent 7 months in my room, then one day they just moved him out and he hasn't had it back since. Another said, yeah, he was in it for two weeks, then one day they moved him out.

They tell me it is NICE, has it's own bath (it does?) and all the machines are right there, state of the art stuff and the wall of oxygen, as the doc likes to call it.

Was it my snoring? THe nurse said the other night I was snoring up a storm! I know I am mightily tired and this bed feels so GOOD.

We talked about another patient who was recently in the room, but booted out and to the hall. I've been in the hall since arrival. It never occurred to me, they would MOVE me.

I've seen a few other patients come and go from this room. One can't help but peek as you walk by to see WHO is in the room and what they might be attached to while laying there. Of course one can shut the door.

The door was shut most of last week, whoever was in here, didn't want to be seen. I don't want the door closed. I am alone in here.

It being Carnival, Iam not expecting company, though I am have no complaints if any shows up!

My neighbor dropped off a fresh dress and my new prescritpion eye glasses, so I can now SEE beyond 3 feet. WOW!!!


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