Friday, August 07, 2009

2009 08 07 316am and I'm alive and hot!

Somebody just woke up and realized they were in the hospital and put up a BIG FUSS.

And it wasn't me! Not this time! It's somebody else!

I haven't slept at all tonight! I am too hot!

Tomorrow I think I MIGHT have a lead on a fan...

The wind has stopped. If the hospital food doesn't kill us, heat stroke might!

There they go again!
Somebody at the other end of the hall is very unhappy to have woken up in the hospital.

I climb out of my high bed and sneak over to the new part of the hospital, which is blissfully COOL. I find the ONLY cold water fountain and top up my water bottle.

I tiptoe back to my ward and as I pass the swoosh of the double doors, I feel like I am a cookie dough, and I have just stepped into the oven.

I climb up in the chair and into my high bed. I have it as HIGH as it will go, which makes it almost level with the windless window. A tall surgeon could do surgery here, I have it so high!

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