Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 08 16 VERY SAD NEWS

Maggie, the bartender at Mulligans (Nanny Cay) passed away this morning after a gallant fight for her life. While I was not at the hospital, where she was rushed to recently, I understand they did all they could possibly to save her life and many loved ones rushed to the hospital and made blood donations to assist her.

What a sad day.

Prayers for Maggie and all her loved ones.

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  1. Dear Miss Mermaid!

    You may not remember me, but I was reading your entries most of last year b4 a trip we (me and three of my girlfriends from Ohio, we communicated once while we were there, but never met... although I always wondered if you may have been where we were??:))took last November to visit our dear friend, Maggie, that you mention here that passed. We celebrated her last birthday with her then (sailing the Carribean!) and plan on it again this year, but in Ohio.

    She was laid to rest yesterday, here in Ohio, (she is from Oregon) and understand that all the bars on the island made donations from yesterday's sales!??! Is that true?

    I met Maggie from my old friend Tammy. WE are ALL so blessed to have had the privilege of befriending Maggie. As you know, she was loved by MANY and loved many... Lots of tears, but lots of laughter too! The weather was gorgeous and she is with us all the time.



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