Sunday, August 02, 2009

2009 08 02 542pm Sunday

It's Carnival here and it seems surreal to be in the hospital.

The air conditioning seems to have broken on our floor, no idea what they are going to do about it (probably nothing).

The Docs made brief rounds today. Wanted to know if I had Chicken Pox before! So funny. Yes, had that as a child. I had all the childhood diseases, I felt so sorry for my mom. ALl I remember about my early childhood, is being sick and rocking in my little wooden rocker with my fuffy (blanket) and sucking my thumb while waiting to get well.

Back in those days, the Doc made house calls, my mom didn't even have a car of her own, and dad worked too far away for her to load up all the kids, drop him at work and be able to keep the car. So the doc came to us in his big Cadillac. And he smoked! Tee hee hee! He would walk in the door with this big stately black bag, his medical kit.

There weren't cell phones in those days, but somehow the Doc made rounds all day from house to house, taking care of the sick. I guess his hapless receptionist must have chased him by patient phone to phone throughout the day. It does seem like he always used out phone before he left the house.

His magic bag had drugs, potients and shots. If he didn't have what he wanted, he would call the local drugstore and they would send somene around to drop off whatever we needed.

lunch looked great and dinner looks great, am I sick?

Or itis the dates? End of month, bad food, first of month, good food?

I can't figure out the ryhm or reason for the way they feed us here.

From truly awful to pretty darn good!

Or maybe because it's carnival and we are stuck here, they are making it nice for us.

Who knows?

Bless this food! Thank you!


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